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Integration with other programs

CapMonster automatically catches captchas from most scripts and programs. Our program accepts standard requests to recognition services. You can find request forms in API documentation for such service. However, there may be few nuances working with certain programs.

Few words about API

In additional captcha parameters you can specify module name from CapMonster modules base for recognizing this captcha. Additional captcha parameters, are those, in which, for example, you specify that captcha is case sensitive. Here is how module name parameter looks like:

CapMonsterModule=ReCaptchaWord, where ReCaptchaWord is the name of recognition module.

Thus CapMonster won't detect which module required for this captcha and will use directly specified module.

Besides, CapMonster supports balance requests and returns 555, so that programs or scripts, that stop working when service balance is close to zero, could work non-stop correctly.

Recognizing captchas set from another server

Integration with А-Parser

For proper work you should set for AntiGate Domain in program settings. Or you should use the IP which program is listening on. How to configure IP, see here.

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