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Recognizing ReCaptcha 2 via sitekey

Starting from version, CapMonster supports recognizing ReCaptcha2 without browser using sitekey. This allows to integrate CapMonster with many other programs that require ReCaptcha 2 recognition and use sitekey method for sending captchas to regonition services. For that purpose, we have developed special addon CapMonster ReCaptcha SiteKey Addon.

Enabling ReCaptcha2 SiteKey Addon

To be able to use the addon, you should purchase CapMonsterReCaptchaSiteKeyAddon product from user panel - https://userarea.zennolab.com/lk/userarea/BuyProduct.aspx on the same account where you have CapMonster 2 license. One addon works for full account, so if you have several CapMonster licenses with extra threads, addon will work for all of them. After purchasing CapMonsterReCaptchaSiteKeyAddon you should restart CapMonster to load it into the program.

Minimum system requirements for addon - 2-core CPU with 2 Gb Ram, Windows 7+ operating system.
Recommended requirements for working with CapMonster Pro version - 4-core CPU with 4Gb RAM, Windows 10/Windows Server2012+ operating system.

Sending ReCaptcha2 to recognition

To send ReCaptcha2 from ZennoPoster for recognizing via sitekey, you can use special action block Recognize ReCapcha2.

You should insert sitekey value In action properties, which can be parsed from webpage with captcha, and url-address of that webpage.

To recognize ReCaotcha2 via sitkey From other programs, ReCaptcha should be sent to CapMonster using requests to captcha-service API:

2captcha/rucaptcha - https://2captcha.com/newapi-recaptcha-en
Anti-captcha - https://anti-captcha.com/apidoc/recaptcha (only by http protocol)

The example of such request:

The request contains the following parameters:
- url-address of recognition service or http://ip:port which capmonster is running on.
- key for captcha-service/CapMonster2(can be random).
- recognizing method.
- sitekey value (parsed from website)
- url-address of a webpage with captcha

In a response you receive captcha id - OK|CaptchaID.
using which you can get the result with the request:

CapMonster will interecept such request and return answer in captcha-service form. ReCaptcha will be recognized on remote module for ReCaptcha2 on our server. For loading and clicking recaptcha, we have implemented local browser into CapMonster. It automatically puts matching UserAgent and supports proxy which can be send in additional parameter in request or set in capmonster program settings.

Setting parameters

You can set addon parameters, such as number of recognition attemps, timeout loading captcha, timeout for waiting answer, etc. For this we added RC2Instance.exe.config file located in CapMonster program directory.

The first four parameters dublicate settings in ReCaptcha2 recognizing action block in ZennoPoster:

ElementLoadTimeout - time waiting when captcha element will be loaded.
Recaptcha2RecognizeAttempts - number of attempts for recognizing whole captcha.
DymanicRecognizeAttempts - number of attempts for recognizing dynamical captcha.
ElementLoadAttempts - number of attempts to load captcha element.
WaitAnswerAttempts - time for waiting answer for captcha.

And new parameters:
RecognizeTimeout - global timeout(sec) after exceeding which recognition will be failed.
WaitTaskTimeout - timeout waiting new taks (minutes).
ElementClickTimeout - timeout between clicks on pictures when recognizing recaptcha (ms).
ProfilePath- path to browser instance profile (program will create random profiles in this folder).
{-StartupPath-} - macro with program path.
ShowBrowser - enables displaying built-in browser window, where you can watch the process of clicking captcha images and check current proxy in browser header.

Threads, resources, success rate and recognition speed.

The addon loads all threads available in CapMonster - the many threads you have in program, the many parallel captcha recognitions via sitekey can be performed.

The addon provides low CPU usage - less than 1% during active work, and consumes up to 150 Mb per thread when loading and clicking recaptcha2 in built-in local browser.

Success rate when recognizing ReCaptcha2 via sitekey can be higher than 83% depending on recaptcha task type.

Average recognition time depends on certain website and amount of requests and proxies. Here are testing results:

Average recognition time: 40 sec Minimal recognition time: 14 sec Maximal recognition time: 254 sec

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