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Program settings

CapMonster settings allow to set up recognition parameters, network settings, enable protection from unauthorized users and configure updates.

Program settings

Port - defines port for CapMonster network operation.

Ip-address - defines ip-address for CapMonster network operation. It can be selected automatically or manually.

Select ip-adress automatically - allows to select ip-adress automatically.

Use specified ip-address - allows to set ip-address manually.

Ask confirmation before closing the program - program will ask user to confirm when closing.

Run service automatically at startup - CapMonster service will be automatically launched at program startup.

Disable error reports - disables windows error reports for the program.

Extended log - enables detailed log with debug information for developers. This makes easier error detecting on user computer.

Audtio captchas - detects if audio codecs required for solving audtio captcha are installed on your computer.

Recognition settings

Send captcha to service if it was not recognized successfully - if captcha was not recognized by CapMonster, it will be sent to recognition service.

Recognize automatically if recognition rate is not less than - allows to set minimal recognition rate for recognizing captchas. Modules with lower recognition rate won't be used for recognition.

Recognize captchas in receiving order - captchas from queue will be processed by CapMonster in receiving order, otherwise the latest received captcha will be recognize first and first received - last.

Time of holding captcha in processing queue - after exceeding this timeout, captcha will be removed from queue.

Processing queue length - number of captchas in processing queue.

Recognize using GPU - enables recognizing captchas on GPU. It allows to boost recognition speed.

Recognition in parallel mode for all modules - enables recognition in parallel mode for all modules.

Parallelism degree - allows manually set parallelism degree when working in parallel mode. The value depends on number of CPU cores.

Use adaptive system to set parallelism degree - special system will automatically calculate module workload and set optimal parallelism degree for it. This option allows to optimize program resources usage.

Do not recognize captchas with complaints again - when receiving complaint from captcha-service, the program will remember the captcha and next time will give the error, that this captcha can't be recognized according to service rules.


There you can select which services CapMonster will emulate. You should select those service, to which you send captchas from your SEO programs. CapMonster will catch them and try to recognize.


CapMonster allows to set up protection to prevent unauthorized usage of the program. To set up protection you should add authorization keys or login-passwords to protection settings.

When protection is enabled, only authorized users, who obtain authorization key or login-password, can access the software. When protection is disabled, any users can send captchas to your CapMonster.


We are constantly updating and adding new modules to our program. To keep your modlues base up-to-date, you can configure updates in program settings.

Allow updates - enables updates.

Update at startup - updating at program startup.

Update when program is working - updating modules when CapMonster is running and working. Update can be performed at specified time intervals.

Last update - shows date and time of last update.

Update now - updates modules right now.

Open log - allows to view updating log to check what modules were updated.

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