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Recognition settings

Cap Monster 2 main application interface is very simple and easy-to-use. It has three tabs where you can configure the program, monitor work process and add modules to base.

Program settings

Program settings can be easily configured, see the screenshot below (the settings indicated by red numbers):

1) If this setting is enabled, captchas which cannot be recognized by modules will be sent to recognition services like Anti-Gate, if you have set them up in your software.

2) Minimal recognition percent. CapMonster will be using only thos modules, which recognition percent is higher than this value.

3) Ask for confirmation before closing the program.

4) Which services to emulate (several services can be selected). There you should check services, which used in your SEO software to recognize captchas. CapMonster will be picking up captchas sent to these services and recognizing them.

Work process and statistic

To start CapMonster catch and recognize captchas press “Start” button (1). After that all captchas sent by your SEO software to recognition services will be processed by CapMonster. You can monitor work process and see detailed statistics in windows (2), (3) and (4).

Module base

This tab displays all recognition modules used by CapMonster 2. Some modules will be added by us as soon as they are created or you can add modules by yourself creating them in MLS Studio and buying ready-made ones. To add new module just press corresponded button in tab menu and select module file on hard drive. The same if you want to remove some modules. In the list you can see information about every module, such as version, recognition prercent and other details. We are constantly updating our base and improving our modules. If you want to load new or updated modules use “Check for updates” option.

One module for recognizing all captchas

You can select one module to recognize all captchas. For it right click required module in modules list and select the option “Use this module to recognize all captchas”. The same way to disable this option.

Few words about API

As we have already mentioned, CapMonster catches captchas sent to online recognition services, detects their type and recognizes them. But you can set certain module which shall be used to process current captcha in additional parameter. In this case the program will recognize captcha directly using this module without detecting its type. Additional parameters allow to specify, for example, that captcha is case sensitive. Module name can be get from modules list (right click>copy full module name).
Parameter looks the following:
where ReCaptchaWord - required module name.

Besides this, CapMonster allows to request balance and returns 555, so that all programs and scripts which disables at low balance won't stop working.

Recognizing captchas sent from another server

You should specify your local IP-address and port (80 by default) in program settings to which captchas will be sent. When starting CapMonster, the software will run web-server at this IP-address. Now captchas will be sent to this IP. Then you should set this IP as recognition service in settings of your program or set up redirecting from antigate.com or another online recognition service, which your use to recognize captchas, to this IP.
For it add new entry in hosts file: anigate.com
where is your local IP-address. If you don't understand the instructions above, address it to your system administrator, which will easily perform this.

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