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ReCaptcha 3

Google introduced new version of ReCaptcha (ver 3) in May 2018. Now it works in background and does not require any actions from user.

If reCaptcha v3 is used on a website, you can see special icon at the bottom of a page:

More details about new captcha here: ReCaptcha v3

ZennoPoster supports ReCaptcha3 starting from version

CapMonste2 supports ReCaptcha3 starting from version

How it works

Website admin integrates special script into webpage, which processes user data and generates a token. Then user will be verified by this token.

Example of using ReCaptcha v3 on weboage:

<script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js?render=reCAPTCHA_site_key"></script>
  grecaptcha.ready(function() {
      grecaptcha.execute('reCAPTCHA_site_key', {action: 'homepage'}).then(function(token) {
         //user verification

To send recaptcha2 to recognizing in CapMonster, you should create http request which will include url and sitekey of a webpage, and also action parameter. In the example, “action” value is set to “homepage”.

CapMonster2 returns token, which can be used for verification.

Solving ReCaptcha 3 in ZennoPoster

To solve ReCaptcha v3 in ZennoPoster, you should use special action block Recognize ReCaptcha:

In action block you can configure parameters: action ([en:addons:capmonster:rc3#how-it-works|Example of using ReCaptcha2]). and min score. Min score in Capmonster version is not supported.

reCaptcha v3, as well as recaptcha2, can be solved via Sitekey, inserting SiteKey and page URL values into action block.

Supported modules

Recaptcha can be recognized via modules CapMonster2 and RuCaptcha.
RuCaptcha API can be found here: ReCaptcha v3

Working with token

After getting token from CapMonster, you should pass it to verification function. As far as verification can be performed anytime, you should intercept request for getting token and replace it in response with token from CapMonster.

For replacing token you can use the following snippet:

var sitekey = //SiteKey 
string newToken = //New Token
string replaceRegex = @"(?<=\[""rresp"","").*?(?="")";
                        new List<string> {replaceRegex}, new List<string> {newToken}, false); 


Using SiteKey in snippet is optional.
But, you should take into attention that all captchas without sitekey will be intercepted, including ReCaptcha2.

If it's not the problem, you may use another snippet:

string newToken = //New Token
string replaceRegex = @"(?<=\[""rresp"","").*?(?="")";
                        new List<string> {replaceRegex}, new List<string> {newToken}, false); 
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