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2. Collecting symbols

The second stage is symbols collection. Captcha images for collecting symbols are displayed in the right section. In the Table of symbols from the left, you can see how many symbols available and how many already collected.


You should collect symbols in the following way:

1) Select symbol in Table of symbols. This will filter captcha images and leave only those which contain selected symbol.

2) Mark symbol centers on captcha images untill you collect required number of symbols (pass captcha images by pages using arrows below).

3) Press “Add marked” to add marked symbols to collection. After that the program will display marked symbols. Check if they are all correct and delete wrong symbols.

4) Follow steps 1-3 for each symbols.

We recommend to collect symbols by small groups repeating steps 2-3. Thus you won't loose your time and work if there any force-majeure happens, like unexpected computer power off. Symbols collecting can be continued anytime.

How many symbol samples required?

Than stronger distortion of the symbols, than more samples required. You should collect from 5 samples for trivial captchas till 200 for complex captchas like kcaptcha, recaptcha, etc… Don't collect too many symbols, just few for the start and check the results, if training is unsuccessful, you will be always able to collect more symbols if needed.


If symbols were marked but not added, they are marked with red dot. If symbols were added, they will be marked with green dot. You can customize the colors for your convenience.

Captcha images can be zoomed, while collecting symbols, for your convenience, it doesn't affect collection process. Captcha images table is muilti-paged.

Removing collected symbols

If you already added symbols to collection, but something went wrong and you can remove them. For it open Filters section and switch to Symbols view. Select required symbol in dropdown list and click right mouse button in displaying symbols area. Press Remove in context menu to remove selected symbol.

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