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About CapMonster

CapMonster is a software package for captcha recognition based on the most modern OCR algorithms.

CapMonster can be integrated with almost any program, which requires captcha recognition service for work. Moreover the software provides manual captcha recognition facilities as well.

The package includes two applications:
CapMonster 2 - intended directly for captcha images recognition.
CapMonster MCS - allows to create recognition modules for previously unknown captchas.

The application that recognizes captchas is very simple and easy-to-use. In help files for CapMonster we will mainly describe how to create your own captcha recognition modules.

Note that CapMonster software detects captcha type by itself, defines whether it can be recognized and which module is required for it.

What captchas can be recognized by CapMonster

CapMonster includes ready-made modules for most wide-spread captchas and we are constantly updating this base. Besides, the software allows to create your own recognition modules for allmost all kinds of captcha, even for most complicated ones.

What are the benefits of using CapMonster

If you often have to deal with captchas while working in the internet, this program is exactly what you need!

First of all, CapMonster can be integrated with any software used for posting, parsing and registration. Let's aassume that you have the job to register automatically huge number of accounts on some website in the Internet, which requires to solve captcha. You may use automatic captcha recognition service, for example Anti-Gate, but it will be very expensive, as such services charge you for every recognized captcha image. In this case, it would be great to have special software for captcha recognition. Using CapMonster you will be able to create captcha recognition module specially for required website (if we have not already added it to our base). All you need is just recognize several samples of captcha images from this site, collect captcha symbols and train CapMonster to recognize captcha using some special settings. If training is successful, the program will export workable module, which you can use to automatically recognize captchas during registration on target website. Thus you will be able to save your money and make your work easier.

If you wish, you may even create modules for our clients and earn money selling them.

How much money CapMonster can save

CapMonster allows to recognize several millions images of regular captchas and tens of thousands images of complex captchas per day. So, the software will be paid off within two days of working with complex captchas and within just an hour of working with regular captcha images.

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