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 Special symbols can be escaped: **[+\++Red|\[White\]|Blue]** - output "​[White]+Red+Blue"​. Special symbols can be escaped: **[+\++Red|\[White\]|Blue]** - output "​[White]+Red+Blue"​.
-===== WordAI Spintax ===== 
-ZennoPoster allows to integrate and use **WordAI spintax** service for text rewriting. This is well-known synonimizing service which uses artifical intelligence for automated text processing and is able to rewrite text with the result compared to human rewriting level. ​ 
-To use Spintax WordAI you should enter authorization data in Program settings>​Spintax section and add the action Data>​WordAI Spintax to your template. In action propertes you should enter text for processing, select technology and quality for rewriting. ​ 
-You can find more details about WordAI service on its website http://​wordai.com. 
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