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Text processing

Text processing allows to replace words in text, cut unnecessary symbols, parse text with regex, transliterate, etc.

The following operations with text are available:

  • Replace - replacing symbols in text
  • To variable - putting text to variable
  • To list - putting text to list
  • To table - putting text to table
  • To Upper - converting to uppercase symbols
  • To Lower - converting to lowercase symbols
  • Substring - taking substring from text containng certain number of symbols
  • Regex - parsing text using regular expressions
  • Spintax - synonimizing text for originality
  • To Char - converting numbers to symbols
  • To Trim - removing unnecessary symbols
  • Transliteration - transliterating symbols
  • Javascript - preparing text for javascript
  • Escape - escaping symbols

WordAI Spintax

ZennoPoster allows to integrate and use WordAI spintax service for text rewriting. This is well-known synonimizing service which uses artifical intelligence for automated text processing and is able to rewrite text with the result compared to human rewriting level.

To use Spintax WordAI you should enter authorization data in Program settings>Spintax section and add the action Data>WordAI Spintax to your template. In action propertes you should enter text for processing, select technology and quality for rewriting.

You can find more details about WordAI service on its website http://wordai.com.

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