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Profile processing

ZennoPoster automatically generates human profile with user data, such as name, sirname, birthday e-mail, nationality, etc., for working in the Internet. Profile and cookies for website can be saved and loaded later into your project. Thus, you can use different profiles for working on different websites. This allows to bypass protection from bots.

Saving profile

Using operation Save profile you can save all generated profile data with website cookies to file. Optionally, you can also save current proxy and set of browser plug-ins.

Profile file is an archive with two files:

Data file contains information about your personality and your hardware, cookie file stores all cookies received by browser while executing project before you saved profile. You may open both files in text editor and check their content.

Loading profile

If you load profile, instance will begin using all data from it. When you navigate websites, it will use the same useragent and cookies that have been saved in your profile. Thus, you can avoid authorization procedure on those websites that use cookies not deleted when restarting browser. After loading the profile and navigating to such website, you will be already logged in.

Reassigning fields

We do not recommend to reassign profile fields, if you are not confident in your actions. For example, if you wish to change useragent, don't forget to change corresponding headers.

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