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HTTP requests

ZennoPoster allows to work with different websites by means of HTTP requests. You will be able to send and receive data using GET or POST requests, for example authorize on websites and get cookies, fill in web-forms, download files, parse data from web-pages, work with API of web-services and applications, and so on. The advantage of using HTTP requests is that you don't need to work in browser. Thus you can significantly simplify your projects and speed up their execution.

To add GET or POST request to your project, use http actions group in ZennoPoster.

The program contains prepared request form with headers, which you should fill in.

To send GET requests you should specify the following headers:

  • URL-address - website to which request will be sent,
  • Refferer - website from which request will be sent,
  • Encoding - type of content encoding,
  • Timeout - set timeout for request execution,
  • Load - defines how to load requested content from website - content only, headers only, content with headers, as file, as file with headers.

Post request form also contains the header Data, where you can specify data, which will be send by means of request and its type - urlencoded, multipart, or another encoding.

Additionaly, on More tab you can set redirection, user-agent, cookies (default, from saved profile, or custom) and add other custom headers (in user agent field) to your get or post request.

Request can be sent without proxy, from current project proxy or custom proxy which can set on Proxy tab.

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