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Working with FTP

ZennoPoster provides special tools to work with FTP resources. You can upload files to FTP-sever, manage directories, delete files and perform other operations by FTP. It is very convenient if your project files are stored on FTP-server.

To add operation with FTP to project, use FTP actions group.

At first you should create FTP connection, it will appear on static panel.

Configure connection settings:

Conneciton name - connection name to define which connection will be used in ftp operation. Any uniqe name can be used.

Data transfer protocol - allows to choose FTP data transfer protocols.

The following FTP protocols are available:

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - standart protocol for transfering files.
  • FTPs (File Transfer Protocol + SSL, or FTP/SSL) - file transfer protocol that adds support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocol.
  • sFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) - secure file transfer protocol.

Server - ftp-server name (for example myftpserver.com). This parameter is required. Any address format is accepted.

Port - port for connection by ftp. This parameter is required.

Login and password - user data for authorizatioin on ftp-server. These parameters are not required if server allows connection without authorization.

Proxy - allows to work with FTP using proxy. You can select no proxy, current project proxy or set certain proxy address.

After setting up connection you will be able to work with files and directories on your ftp-server.

To load files use FTP files action. Set local and server paths inn action properties.

For working with directories select FTP Directories. Set local and server paths to directories in action properties.

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