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When working with sites for your convenience you can automate work with browser - enable/disable scripts, load plugins, block pop-ups, control tabs and etc.

In order to add the action with browser to the project, create action Browser:

The following actions are provided with the browser, which you can choose in Action properties.

* Pictures - enable/disable displaying of the pictures
* Javascript - enable/disable Javascript
* Flash/Java/Silverlight - enable/disable animation content of Flash, Java and Silverlight
* Load frames - enable/disable of load frames
* Pop-ups blocker - enable/disable of load pop-ups
* Load plugins - enable/disable of load plugins
* Emulation level - setting of browser emulation level for speed/quality parameter
* Download to - choosing folder for upload files from the Internet
* Files for upload - choosing files on the computer for upload to any resource on the Internet.
* Set proxy - setting proxy
* Javascript Confirm - processing of a confirmation request
* Javascript Prompt - processing of data input request
* Javascript Authorization - обработка запроса авторизации processing of authorization request
* Clear cache - clear browser cache
* Clear cookies - clear browser cookies
* Busy status - allows to adjust browser load (ignoring AJAX, FLASH, GET/POST-запросов, FRAME)
* Emulation of timeouts - allows to emulate timeout of symbol typing and switching between input fields
* Restart the instance - restart the instance in which the project is executed.
* Load CSS - enable/disable load CSS

You can manage tabs in browser - choose option Tabs. This action allows activate, open and close tab choosed by a name or number.


ZennoPoster allows automate actions in browser tabs working with the web-pages. You can program the transition to pages in the tabs, take the data from pages, assign values to page elements, perform events with page elements in the browser tab. Thereby it is convenient to organize simultaneous work with several pages in the browser. You can create an action on the tab by selecting the ==Tabs== action group.

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