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When working with sites for your convenience you can automate work with browser - enable/disable scripts, load plugins, block pop-ups, control tabs and etc.

In order to add the action with browser to the project, create action Browser:

The following actions are provided with the browser, which you can choose in Action properties.

* Pictures - enable/disable displaying of the pictures
* Javascript - enable/disable Javascript * Flash/Java/Silverlight - enable/disable animation content of Flash, Java and Silverlight * Load frames - enable/disable of load frames * Pop-ups blocker - enable/disable of load pop-ups * Load plugins - enable/disable of load plugins * Emulation level - setting of browser emulation level for speed/quality parameter * Download to - choosing folder for upload files from the Internet * Files for upload - choosing files on the computer for upload to any resource on the Internet. * Set proxy - setting proxy * Javascript Confirm - processing of a confirmation request * Javascript Prompt - processing of data input request * Javascript Authorization - обработка запроса авторизации processing of authorization request * Clear cache - clear browser cache * Clear cookies - clear browser cookies * Busy status - allows to adjust browser load (ignoring AJAX, FLASH, GET/POST-запросов, FRAME) * Emulation of timeouts - allows to emulate timeout of symbol typing and switching between input fields * Restart the instance - restart the instance in which the project is executed. * Load CSS - enable/disable load CSS

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