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 **NOTE: This feature requires basic knowledge of HTML to use it.**  **NOTE: This feature requires basic knowledge of HTML to use it.** 
-In Action constructor settings you can set paramaters. ​+In Action constructor settings you can set paramaters ​for element search and action you which to perform with found element. The parameters can be get from Element properties, which displays properties of selected element on webpage.
 +To search element on the whole page you should set **-1** value for from № and document № parameters. ​
 +After selecting search attributes (tag, its attribute and value) and search type (**text** - exact attribute matching, **regex** - regular expression for finding attribute, **notext** - elements that do not match attribute value) you should press "​Search"​ and select required element in search results list. We recommend to search elements by uniqe parameters, so that there would be found only one element. ​
 +After finding element you can set action for it: 
 +**Set** - allows to set value for selected attribute.\\ ​
 +**Get** - allows to get value of current attribute.\\ ​
 +**Rise** - allows to perform some event with the element (focus, click, press, etc.)\\
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