An app for automatic recognition of over 25,000 captcha types including reCAPTCHA (v2, invisible, v3)

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Easy connection
to any app

Supports popular services API.
In order to start, just launch the app


captcha base update

We keep real-time track of
captcha algorithms and launch timely updates


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Recognize over 1,000 captchas
per minute regardless of version



Recognize millions of captchas
per day using an ordinary PC


Adding your own
captcha types

Create your own recognition
modules for rare captchas


2 methods to recognize

Chrome and HttpRequest – a unique browserless recognition algorithm reCAPTCHA v2

Resolve reCAPTCHA v2, Invisible, v3
and 25, 000 other captcha types
with high precision


ReCAPTCHA v2 of any complexity


ReCAPTCHA v2 solution via SiteKey info



random captcha


All-in-one module for recognizing captchas containing distorted text

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What is CapMonster

How does it work?



You have an app that requires captcha recognition



CapMonster emulates API services and captures captchas



CapMonster recognizes incoming captchas within seconds



You save money
on captcha recognition

What do you get?


Up to 3,809 times cheaper than other services

Recognizing thousands of captchas using Pro version costs RUB ~0.0105. This is 3,809 times cheaper than other manual recognition services.


x10 faster apps

Recognizing a captcha takes 0.87 seconds on average. This means that your apps will be working at least 10 times faster.


Fixed price

You only pay for 1-year access to the app. Cost of recognition is independent of the time of day, servers occupancy, number of available workers or other factors.

Get even more benefits with CapMonster

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Regular releases

We offer new versions monthly, update existing tools and add new features based on our users' requests

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$87 / year

All updates included
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    2 mln simple or 400 thousand
    complex captchas in 24 hours

  • database icon

    Access to modules base

  • modules icon

    Ability to create your
    own modules

  • captchas-packages icon

    Ability to purchase
    additional captcha packages

  • delay icon

    No delays
    for simple captchas

  • email icon

    Email support

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    Club support




$47 / year

All updates included
  • captchas-standard icon

    500 thousand simple or 100 thousand
    complex captchas in 24 hours

  • database icon

    Access to modules base

  • modules icon

    Ability to create your
    own modules

  • email icon

    Email support

  • forum icon

    Club support




$27 / year

All updates included
  • captchas-lite icon

    100 thousand simple or 20 thousand
    complex captchas in 24 hours

  • database icon

    Access to modules base

  • modules icon

    Ability to create your
    own modules

  • email icon

    Email support

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    Club support


CapMonster Cloud

You don't want to install apps to your PC/server or pay for specific number of recognized captchas? Try CapMonster Cloud!

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If you don't like the app, you will get a refund*
for any reason or no reason within 14 days following the purchase date.
* - except cryptocurrency payments


Many popular services keep track of their captcha hacking attempts and change their algorithms if any tampering occurred. The simplest way to see if a captcha was hacked is to view statistics and find captchas that were correctly recognized at a far-beyond-human speed.

In order to prevent that, we introduced a recognition time limit for complex captchas. This means that after recognizing specific captcha types the app responds with a delay depending upon the number of symbols in the captcha. CPU is idle at that time, so the delay has no effect on PC resources usage.

Examples of complex captchas: Hotmail, Yandex, MailRu, Solvemedia, VK.

No. CapMonster app offers no support for this type of captchas . However these captchas are supported in our cloud service — CapMonster.Cloud.

Learn more

reCAPTCHA v2 is not a complex captcha, that is the pictures are recognized 1 -to-1. Like with other captchas, the record is kept based on images count. The task consisting of 9 snippets (3×3) — ultimately contains 9 pictures, but in case of a task 4×4 — this makes 1 picture. If after clicking an image it is removed and replaced by a new one — this adds yet another picture. It takes an average of 2-5 tasks to recognize reCAPTCHA v2  .

Example: let's presume that recognizing each reCAPTCHA takes 5 tasks, we then get 2 000 000 / (9*5) which is approximately ~45 000 reCAPTCHAS per day in Pro version.

reCAPTCHA v3 has absolutely no limitations. You can get as much tokens as you need regardless of the version.

To extent the limit, you have to purchase additional captchas. They are offered in packages of 3 mln units for $97 (which is equivalent to the cost of Pro version).

Update occurs each 10 seconds. I you're using Pro version, then each 10 seconds ~231 captchas available for recognizing will be restored. You can use the following formula to calculate the number of captchas for your version with consideration to additional packages: day limit / (86400 / 10)

Yes. We offer refund within 14 days following the purchase date (except cryptocurrency payments).

The app is ready to work «out of the box». To start the app, you just have to launch it. Access to modules base containing the most popular captchas is available by design. This base is regularly renewed and updated based on our customers requests.

No. The app is only offered for your personal use.

You can install Pro version to 3 PCs, Standard version to 2 PC and Lite version to 1 PC. However you can only run the app on 1 PC at a time. The linking may be changed any time.

Yes, the upgrade is possible, you can do from your profile. In case of upgrade the discount is approximately 70% of the cost of existing version depending on the number of remaining subscription days. Suppose, you have CapMonster Lite with 310  remaining subscription days, and you wish to upgrade to CapMonster Standard. In this case the price is calculated as follows: ($47 — $25 * (~0.7)) * (310 days / 365 days) = $25

Yes, the app is purchased for 1 year precisely. After this period expires, a renewal is required.

No. Reselling of the app is strictly prohibited and may lead to banning of your account.

Start saving hundreds of dollars
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