ZennoProxyChecker 3 New build (14 July 2015)

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    Introduction to ZennoProxyChecker version

    Dear friends, we are glad to announce new version of ZennoProxyChecker software!

    Previous version has been issued almost a year ago, so, we have accumulated a lot of enhancements during this time. Some new features have already been introduced in built-in ProxyChecker module in ZennoPoster and Z-social programs. Thus, we have tested operation stability of new version on different systems, fixed memory leak bugs and tested proxy checking precision. New version has two major enhancements: new library for working in network and re-designed UI with new useful features.

    ZennoProxyChecker was initially developed as add-on for ZennoPoster. The main purpose of the program was loading, searching, checking and delivering proxy. At the same time, the focus was on fully automated work without interaction with user. All functions were looped: proxy sources were automatically loaded at certain time intervals, proxies automatically checked in a circle, only actual live proxies were constantly delivered. Such mode was an advantage of ZennoProxyChecker and, at the same time, disadvantage. You could constantly get live proxies, but it was hard to check proxies from certain proxy source when required.

    In new version this mode is called auto-mode. Besides, we have added several new features - “Load proxy”, “Check proxy” and “Check live proxy”. These options allow to select several proxy sources without enabling auto-mode (“Force loading” in auto-mode) and check the proxies right now. Checking will be performed immediatelly and live proxies will appear in live list. After that you can adjust checking parameters and re-check live proxies, which is much faster as only live proxies will be checked, and new results will be displayed in live list promptly.

    One more important thing: if you purchase proxychecker with updates, you will be able to use all its functions in ZennoPoster, ZennoBox and Z-social software without limitations on threads count and proxy delivering.


    [+] Program now uses new proxy checking core with increased precision, stability and speed.
    [+] UI has been re-designed in order to make the program more user frienldy and easy-to-use.
    [+] Proxy sources are now grouped by labels.
    [+] Proxy can be added by 2 clicks, without loading its source. Just select “Add proxy” option.
    [+] New option “Load proxy” has been added.
    [+] New option “Check proxy” has been added.
    [+] New option “Re-check live proxies” has been added.
    [+] Live proxies are now displayed as links. By clicking it, you can view proxies only from this certain source. If necessary, you can save it as a rule for further usage.
    [+] The option “Save source” has been added to “Sources” tab”. It allows to save selected proxy sources.
    [+] The option “Copy to clipboard” has been added to “Proxy” tab. It allows to copy current proxy list.
    [+] The option “Save to file” now saves current proxy list, not live proxies.
    [+] If you purchase proxychecker with updates, you will be able to use it in all products from ZennoLab without limitations.

    Bug fixes:

    [*] Operation stability has been improved.
    [*] Program performance has been optimized, memory usage has been reduced.
    [*] Checking precision has been improved for SOCKS4/5 proxies.
    [*] Memory leak bugs have been fixed.



    How to buy the software:

    To buy the software go to ZennoProxyChecker sale page

    How to update the software:

    To update already purchased proxychecker, log into Userarea, open "Products" page, select "ZennoProxyChecker" and choose "Update version to latest"
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    Thank you for the update. Will check it out asap.
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    I have proxychecker 3.0 but can not see any of those new features in zennoposter, what am I missing?
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