ZennoPoster new version (07.08.2019) Integrated Infatica.io proxy-service

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    Integration of fast and high-quality proxy-service Infatica.io

    New proxy-service Infatica.io has been integrated into the program providing access to residental, server and mobile proxies at perfect speed!

    They are great for parsing, mailing, registering on a commercial scale and many other tasks that you can perform with ZennoPoster.
    Service can be connected to the program and taken for 3-days free trial test in section Settings → Proxy services → Get account.


    After specifying access data, proxy list will appear in built-in proxychecker.


    Saving program execution results

    Action block «Run program» now allows to save result of executing program into variables.
    • STDOUT - this pointer is responsible for standard results output.
    • STDERR - is used to display error messages.

    Full list of changes in


    + Integrated new proxy-service Infatica.io.
    + Improved clicks emulation in Chrome.
    + Implemented Intl object emulation for possible profile locales.
    + Added emulation of navigator.connection and navigator.battery in Chrome.
    + Results of "Run program" operation now can be saved to variables.


    Proxy checking algorithm for HTTPS proxies has been improved.
    Bug with WebRTC IP emulation has been fixed.
    Issue with proxy rules in Task manager has been solved.
    Autosubmit for ReCaptcha2 has been fixed on olx.ua website in Chrome engine.
    Operation of Instance.FormTitle property has been corrected.
    Bug with missing projects after first ZennoPoster launch has been fixed.
    Emulation of window.screen in Chrome has been fixed (bug with not playing video on PornHub).
    LocalStorage operation in Chrome browser has been fixed.
    Errors missing or mismatching plugin/nested project are now displayed in ZennoPoster even in failing thread.
    Problem with audio emulation in Chrome has been solved.
    Operation of Tab.KeyEvent method has been fixed.
    Bug not saving list to non-existing file has been fixed.
    Operation getting number of lines from list has been fixed.
    Issue with plugins emulation in Chrome engine has been solved.
    Error emulating timezone and geolocation for some IP-addresses has been fixed.
    Telegram web-version now works properly in Chrome engine.
    Bug using double slash after {-Project.Directory-} macro in Instance.DownloadsPath method has been fixed.
    Problem with loading files initialization in Chrome browser (for example, avatar in Instagram) has been solved.
    Binary data display in Traffic Monitor has been corrected.
    Problems managing notifications in browser have been fixed.
    Other fixes and enhancements.
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    Discussing version here.

    Reporting bugs here.
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