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ZennoPoster 7 Completes Beta Testing

It's finally here!
The day that was long-awaited by users has come. Meet ZennoPoster 7, final release!

This means ZennoPoster is done with beta testing and moves on to the stable version in which all critical errors are fixed. The whole new ZennoPoster 7 is now available for all users with active updates. No extra purchases! Download it now in your account.

If you don't have a license or your updates expired, download a demo from our website. Test-drive all the advancements of the new automation era that starts today. Join us

What Differs ZennoPoster 7 from ZennoPoster 5

Let's recall all the core features and benefits that cutting-edge ZennoPoster 7 comes with. Here are 9 reasons to update. More time- and cost-efficient routine task automation.

Touch event support
Switch the input mode from mouse to sensor; emulate touch events when handling websites. All movements and swipes look as if you made them with your hand.

Totally new task planner
Create schedules of any complexity: run diagrams, time intervals, and re-execution methods.
Learn more about managing schedules

Smart action and function search
You don't need to remember where an action or function was located and what its name was. The refreshed action panel offers a true smart search function. Just start typing the action name and the system will suggest the most relevant action with an already selected option. Just move it to the project by clicking Enter, double LMB clicking, or drag'n'drop.

Full mouse emulation
Enable mouse emulation for all actions in just one click!

Enhanced ZennoPoster engine
Dramatic interface speed-up, no freezes. All because of ZennoPoster's reinvented engine.

Element search by XPath in Action Editor
Take any actions with elements (SET, GET, RISE) using the up-to-date XML/HTML language XPath!

Google Sheets support
  • Use Google Sheets to store data that will be accessible to all the templates.
  • Set up data parsing to the table and view the result right on your smartphone.
  • Provide your clients with handy and easily-sharable reports.
  • Organize online monitoring.
  • Lots of other features that become reality with Google Sheets integration.
Browser thumbnails
A remolded instance thumbnail viewer that can help you monitor all the threads in one window.

Flexible interface setup
Tailor the program to your needs. Enjoy a choice of 14 themes, including the Dark Mode that will take care of your eyes at night time. Customized menu and window arrangement.
Learn more about ZennoPoster 7 interface configuration

Release Features
  • Touch events are now available from an action
  • ProjectMaker smart function search
  • New HTTP Requests cube that supports PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, PATH, TRACE
  • Create actions from traffic monitor requests in one click
  • Improved ProjectMaker UI response

Enhanced Touch Events

New action: Touch event

From now on, touch events are available not only from the C# code.
Currently, there are two interaction options: Touch and LongTouch. Classic search by element, XPath, and coordinates is available. Newer versions will bring more events.

Touch events in Action Editor

Touch and LongTouch events are now available in Action Editor.

Default input mode

We added a new button so you can switch the default input mode from Mouse to Touch Events, and vice versa. You can find it in the browser window, to the right of the URL bar. If action recording is on and the input mode is Touch, cubes with touch actions will be automatically added to the project.

Smart Function Search

From now on, smart search combs through not only actions but all ProjectMaker functions! Just start typing the action name and the system will suggest the most relevant action with an already selected option. Just move it to the project by clicking Enter, double LMB clicking, or drag'n'drop.

Enhanced HTTP Request Usability

New action: HTTP requests

Previously, such requests as PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, PATH, and TRACE were only accessible from the C# code. Since this version, you can execute any of these HTTP requests with one action dubbed HTTP Requests.

Creating actions from traffic monitor requests

It's easier now to translate a browser project into HTTP requests.
RMB-click on a needed request in the traffic monitor window. In the context menu click Create Action from Request. You will see a cube that contains all the data of this request, including URL, Referrer, Titles, etc.

Improved Interface Response

It's imperative that this range of functions and advantages is fast-response available. This is what drove us to rework how ProjectMarker UI responds to user actions.
  • Increased project loading speed and boosted switching between window
  • Accelerated launch of DOM and various settings, table/C#/Email operations, value setting
  • Faster first-time project launches

What’s New in


+ Added new action (new cube) Touch event. Touch and LongTouch options are now available. Classic search support; search by XPath and coordinates is also available
+ Touch and LongTouch events were added to Action Editor.
+ Added the input mode switch (mouse/touch events). It can be found in ProjectMaker browser, near the devtools launch button. If Touch Events mode is on and recording enabled, touch event cubes will be automatically recorded to the project.
+ Tab.Touch.LongTouch. methods were added to C#.
+ Improved functioning of existing Touch methods
+ Smart search now combs through all ProjectMarker functions! Search results now include not just cubes but also their options. When you select, a cube with a selected option is added to the project. You can do it by clicking Enter, double LMB-clicking, or drag'n'drop.
+ Added a new action: HTTP request. There, you can select any request type: Put, Delete, Head, Options, Patch, Trace.
+ In the traffic window, you can now create actions based on completed requests. For that, we added the Create Action from Request function to the context menu.
+ Significantly improved ProjectMaker interface response.
+ Updated built-in template examples in ProjectMaker. Now with comments.
+ Added setting Other -> Disable Project Setting Restoration Dialog


Fixed errors when value setting and click actions would be encircled with a red dotted line if search by XPath was enabled.
Fixed functioning of Touch for some elements.
Fixed display of the action List Actions -> Get String -> Contains Text in ProjectMaker.
ZennoPoster's task list restoration function now restores input settings as well.
Now ZennoPoster closes bases faster, which helps reduce RAM load.
Fixed browser launch and synchronization in ProjectMaker.
Fixed execution of the Plugin action for an unsaved project.
Fixed layout of Select fields in InputSettings.
Fixed functioning of ZennoPoster.GetTaskInfo. Now, this method always returns up-to-date data.
Changed the folder whereto plugins for purchased templates are downloaded. Now the folder with the template name won't be deleted.
Fixed profile and CookieContainer handling when switching projects in ProjectMaker.
From now on, a variable is not deleted from the Project action if the variable is renamed.
Now ProjectMaker notifies of project change when editing the Profile Processing action.
Fixed opening of the browser context menu when calling oncontextmenu.
Fixed full mouth emulation when handling small elements.
Other fixes and improvements.
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Yes, we are going to support ZennoPoster 5 with updates for some time.
Yes. You can install the new ZennoPoster 7 without deleting ZennoPoster 5.
No, you won't. ZennoPoster 7 is fully compatible with the older version. Therefore, all the settings, templates, schedules, etc. will be saved after you install a newer version.

However, there is one difference. ZennoPoster employs the new format .xp that replaced .xmlz. This said, you may need to add projects to ZennoPoster with another recommended extension, .zp, replacing your existing projects.

Why is the newer format better?
In our refreshed format, we tried to fix data storage errors that had been dragging on from the very first versions. Newer-format projects consume 60% less space and load by far faster than those in the previous format .xmlz. Also, the upgraded format has regard to versions of all actions. You don't have to guess if a template is compatible with the older program version.

When you open an older template in ProjectMaker, it will be converted into a newer format. With that, the original .xmlz file will remain, with a newer one, in the .zp format, created. To enable inverted compatibility, you will be able to save a template in the older format in the Save As menu.
Yes, they will!

How do I report problems?

Please let us know if you face any issues or bugs. In a dedicated thread, describe an issue in detail, providing the execution scenario.
Your report will help us diagnose and fix your problem quickly. Version Discussion

Please let us know what you think about the new ZennoPoster 7.
We will happy to get your feedback!
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