Release ZennoDroid Updated image capture • Ability to execute scripts for Frida • SQL queries to application databases via SQLite3

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Updated image capture

The new version of scrcpy 2.0 is used with many improvements and fixes: faster initialization and improved image capture stability. Added support for more video codecs.

Reduced load on ADB

Added a monitor of connected devices, which will improve the work in multi-threaded mode, as well as reduce the load on the ADB server.

Added new API methods


Full changelog


+ Added "Use proxy from project" and "Use project cookies" option to the hCaptcha solving action.
+ Added "Recognize ReCaptcha" action (via SiteKey).
+ Added the ability to execute scripts for Frida. «C# code»
+ Added the ability to install and execute SQL queries to application databases via SQLite3. «C# code»
+ Added the ability to receive cookies from browsers and applications containing WebView (displaying web content). «C# code»
+ Added the ability to change the date and time on the device. «C# code»
+ Added conversion of certain actions to C# code via the context menu (all actions from the "Actions with device" and "Actions with application" groups, Touch, Swipe, Character input, Search by picture, as well as some actions from the "Utils" and "Settings" groups).
+ Added the ability to get a list of devices with additional information (Indexes, Names). «C# code»
+ Increased values for the profile by default (CPU = 2 cores, RAM = 2GB).
+ Added setting "Fix build.prop errors"
(Fixes an issue that caused ro.boot.hardware and Build.HARDWARE = Intel, and a bug in Android 9 that causes the Unknown is displayed instead of the device model name and a number of other parameters, when setting CPU from 1 to 3).


Fixed mail service setting function.
Fixed deleting devices with a name consisting only of numbers.
Fixed opening of the project settings menu.
Fixed a bug when using breakpoints in the "C# code" action.
Fixed a bug when working with Android 9 devices in the bridge mode.
Fixed "Close all applications" function.
Fixed long opening of Android settings menu.
Partially fixed issues when executing JavaScript in Chrome 111 and higher.
Fixed bugs when capturing an image in MJPEG mode.
Fixed timeout output when MEmu freezes at startup.
Fixed bugs, that caused ZennoDroid to block launching new threads.
Fixed a bug when clearing the input field.
Fixed a bug in MEmu with Android 9, due to which, when setting the CPU from 1 to 3, instead of the device model name and a number of other parameters Unknown was displayed.
ro.boot.hardware, Build.HARDWARE values no longer display Intel.
Fixed a bug when searching for an emulator by name.
The "Installed applications" menu now displays information about application name.
Fixed an issue that caused the "Executing action Run device Can't send rs binary" error and freeze sending commands via ADB.
Fixed a bug when clearing the input field in MEmu 9.
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