Who makes $16,000 a day by selling accounts ?! Get the statistics of sales of online stores!


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Hello. This article will be about $$$! Where is this money and how much is it!
So, people, you will like it.

I, like many, have always wanted to make money on opportunities with zenno poster.
And I wondered what is the best task for zenno, and what is easier to monetize. I made lists and realized that the least time consuming is to registration accounts for sale.

Freehosting accounts or soc. networks have always been needed.
I went through seo forums and online earnings forums, and I understood exactly what people need. And where to make the point of departure to a world full of money.

I began to think further. People seem to need it, but how can I decide how much of it is really needed and how much money can be earned from this? Small detail or factor can completely changes the whole picture.

The easiest answer is to find out how much potential competitors earn from it.

Online selling of accounts won't surprise anyone, and I decided to parse the competitors in order to understand their sales and their income, and the numbers then struck me.

Those accs, which I then sold, were popular.
Buyaccs.com was selling them too. Buyaccs.com was getting few thousands of $$$ per day selling them!
You just look at their choice! They have more than a hundred items of goods!

I don’t remember the exact numbers.
Everything is changing so fast. You have to act very quick.

Now I will tell you how it is possible without any difficult for understanding technologies, and competently developed algorithm, to get a bunch of data on which you can draw conclusions that will tell you where you can get the money and how much!

We will parse buyaccs.com.

You will understand an example and be able to control and think out an algorithm for other sites with any data.

I prefer to separate all tasks into subtasks, and for each subtask to develop a separate template.
So it’s clearer, easier to put something in and change into the structure of the template, more control over the data we are working with, etc.

We will have 2 templates here:
I. Data parsing (collect)
II. Data Analytics (count and wondering)

I. Data parsing (collect)
We will update the buyaccs.com page after a specified period of time (for example, 5 seconds), a specified number of times (for example, 100 times before restarting the instance), and read the number of accounts available for purchase, for every item.

And for each item we will save this data, each update from a new line into a separate file.

You will understand everything. "Template I" looks like this. Nothing complicated :-)
Снимок экрана от 2019-08-03 06-53-23.png

0. Please note that there are input settings.
Снимок экрана от 2019-08-03 00-16-36.png

1. Clean the cookies
2. We set the counter of the number of page updates to 0, it is necessary that for a single page update, do not restart the instance every time, but at the same time and do not endlessly, so that the stream does not consume all the resources. Instance is sometimes necessary to restart.
3. Go to http://buyaccs.com/
4. Set the goods counter to 0. To parse the goods one by one.
5. Get the tr tag that contains the product data
6-8. Parsing of product data: name, available amount, price
9. An important point is that goods up to the order number 63, come with a price for 1000 pieces, and from 63 and above come with a price for 1 piece (this is changing, pay attention), therefore, based on this, we assign the coefficient = 1000 or 1. It is necessary to get the price for one account for future calculations .
10. Save the amount of goods. The file name to save will be dynamic, i.e. We write each item in a separate file.
{-Project.Directory -}\ files\{- Variable.name -}-{- Variable.price -}---{- Variable.koof -}.txt

{-Variable.name-} product name
{-Variable.price-} price of goods
{-Variable.koof-} coefficient

In the second template we will parse this data from the files and will use this data for calculations !!

11. Increase the goods counter. For getting the next item
(5-11 in the cycle while there will be matches on the page)
12. Increase the page refresh count
13. Refresh the page if the condition is true or restart the instance.
14. The end. Restart the instance.

Run this template in a single instance for a day to estimate result numbers.
As a result of the template working, you get a bunch of files of this type.

Parsing data after opening buyaccs.com page takes a few seconds!

II. Data Analytics (count and wonder)
Now let's do the math.
As a result, we get one file, which will have the following columns:
Product;How much was sold;Amount sold;Number of sales;Price of goods

The template looks like this:
Снимок экрана от 2019-08-03 06-53-05.png

1. We take any file from the result parsed files
2. This is a counter, to it will be added the difference of goods between updates, if the amount of product(accs amount) is less, then the purchase is perfect, if more, then it means seller added new accs
3. This is a counter, 1 will be added to it each time if the purchase is perfect.
4. Parsing the product name, from the file name
5. Parsing the price of the product, from the file name
6. Parsing the coefficient of goods, from the file name
7. Now we will bind the file to the list, for processing line by line
8. We get the line 0 (in zenno the score starts with 0)
9. We get the line 1 (in zenno the score starts with 0)
10. If the string is successfully received, then compare string 0, with string 1.

Here the point is that the values are written here after each page refresh, if after the next update, the value has become less than the previous one, i.e. if "value from line 0"> "values of line 1", then the purchase was done!
If the purchase is done, then we subtract the value from line 0, the value of line 1
12. If the purchase is done, then add to the counter of the goods sold, the value obtained in step 11.
13. If the purchase is done, then add 1 to the counter of the number of purchases of goods
14. Remove line 0 from the list !!! next time the template will compare the next 2 values.
15. When the lines for analytics will be ended in the list, we delete the file.
16. Сount the amount of sales:
{-Variable.price -}/{- Variable.koof -}*{- Variable.prodali-}

Here we divide the price for the goods by its coefficient (we get the price for one piece of goods) and multiply by the quantity of goods sold!

17. Save the result to the list bound with the rez.txt file.
{-Variable.name -};{- Variable.prodali -};{- Variable.summa -};{- Variable.prodazh -};{- Variable.price-}
Product;How much was sold;Amount sold;Number of sales;Price of goods
END !!!

Set this template for execution as many times as you initially have files in the files folder, or more, nothing terrible will happen. It will work idle.

Fully processing a single file takes just a few seconds!
A few numbers in 11.5 hours of data collection:
27hJ39j -2.jpg

Yesterday I ran the data parser from buyaccs.com, for 11.5 hours there was $7800 in sales, i.e. per day a little more than $16,000.

Draw conclusions, gentlemen!
And most importantly, remember! There is no money on the Internet !!! :-)

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I think the most expensive part of the process of creating accounts is the phone verification. Would bet they are spending a very large amount of the money they earn on phone numbers.

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