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Attention! This is a translated version of a Russian-language article. My English is not perfect, so there can be some mistakes in text…

I sell the domains with your details. It is only necessary to provide one or more IP (or CNAME domains), to which I will bind free domains. You don’t have to register anything else, just create folders for domains on your server or TDS and set up sites or redirects there. If you don’t have your own server, then hosting or services for redirects are suitable, on which domains can be linked.
All domains have different DNS from Cloudflare service. I use ~ 50 domains per 1 Cloudflare account. So DNS record is repeated only within each account. Cloudflare proxy (cloud) is immediately turned on there, so that Google and freenom’s admins will see different IPs on domains (from Cloudflare) when checking. You can not be afraid for the ban of the entire pack. In a separate post, I made additional Cloudflare options that can be activated in the service.
Domains firsst ~day...month are linked to my servers. A page was generated for each of them for a couple of suggestions, because freenom service check periodically (especially the first days after registration), and if the domain shows an error (404, 503, etc.) instead of the normal text or redirect to the normal page, the service will ban it. Although I noticed that periodically anyway the minimum part of the domains is deleted (~ 1% per month).
Domains in ~ 70% of cases * .tk (since there is an opinion that they are the best among them), the rest is sometimes added by mixing (.ml, .ga, .cf, .gq).

Price (big purchase is more profitable):
Number of domains
in 1 purchase (pcs)
Amount for this
purchase ($)
~ Price for
1000 pcs ($)
From 13/11/2020 I give 1000....10000 domains 1...2 days, for orders >10000 queue ~ a week.

Telegram: orka13
(clickable link, add on it, otherwise there may be scammers with similar nicknames)


Skype: orkanavtica

1. How are you registering?

ZennoPoster in browser mode. The instrument itself is NOT selling.

2. What proxies do you use?
Purchased, the seller did not disclose.

3. How much traffic can I get from 1K freenoms sites (doorways)?
Everyone has a different way. For example, out of 1000 frenoms of ~ 2000 pages each, in total get ~1000 unique visitors per day on adult tubes, and ~50 visitors in download thematic. But this are my results 2018, now everything is usually worse several times.

4. Are domains banned sometimes? how long do they live?
Most of the domains live their entire term (~ 11 months).
I used to read on forums that usually Freenom automatically bans domain (they put a redirect on the main Freenom), if it’s unique ~> 50 a day. But I didn’t check this version. ~ 1% of domains per month just randomly get bans. Or once a couple of months freenom likes starting mass cleaning. Some it can even redirect traffic from banned domains to adult-webcams sites.

5. Can domains be banned just after I get them?
No, there is not a single complaint about this. Freenom does not see which IP I am re-binding the domain to, because they are hidden through the proxying (cloud caching) of the Cloudflare service. Even regular FTP bulk upload does not result in a ban. Unless, take a long break between getting domains and uploading content on it.
Make sure that the domains always give the normal main page (code "200") without errors. Because the Freenom service usually checks the domains once a day and bans those that have an errors on the main page.
If you are very delayed with the addition of domains to the server, then it is better to do the manipulations with the server returning to the domains of the generated page attached to it, the instructions are described in this post below.

6. Will all future subdomains of the free domain ( also be tied to my IP?
No, because the Cloudflare service does not support setting proxies to any (not explicitly specified) subdomain name. He needs to clearly indicate the name of your subdomain. I can set “*”, but without proxying then anyone can find out the IP of your server by simply sending a request to a non-existent subdomain, such as Unless you send a list of explicitly specified subdomains that need to be added (the same for all domains). However, this needs discussing individually.
An example of what settings are in the cloud on the domains (the rest is the default):
And if "*" does not fit and you need non-standard subdomains with proxying, then immediately indicate IP list (up to 100 pieces) with IP, for example:
7. What are the domain names and is it possible to register on the list of customer domain names?
I generate the least short readable nonsense words. Sometimes long names slip through if the first time it was not possible to register short ones. An example of a real generation result:
If you need registration on the list of your names, then this is possible. But the price tag will be a little more expensive. And you need to give a little more names, because even if all the names are free, then usually only <=80% will succeed in registering. That is, if you need 10K domains, then give the list at least 11 ... 15K.

8. What do I receive after payment?
After payment, I do a preliminary check of the issued domains so that 100% are all working. Then I re-bind them from my IP to yours (in the Cloudflare service). All this takes a few minutes ... hours. If the order is large and I don’t have so many domains left, I’ll warn you how long it will take.
I simply give out a list-table of ready-made domains (.CSV + .XLSX format). You just need create aliases on your server and upload sites / redirects to them. If you ordered for different IPs, then there will be sorting by an additional column with IP for convenience. A rough example of the output format:
The code:
Freenom domain ; your IP ; Cloudflare Mail ; Cloud Pass ; Cloud API key ; NS1 ; NS2;;[email protected];ue966yam1b3;e74dc5d55747a6bbf0e74dc5d55747a6bbf0;;;;[email protected];kk679fam29o3;d352e80ef09646d3dddd52e80ef096468;;
9. How long are domains registered? How much time has passed since domain registration?
Domains are registered for 12 months (Freenom does not give more for free). But keep in mind that after registration they are still linked to my server a cosuple of days...month. So the domain will live somewhere 11 months after the purchase. Whois services don’t show the date of registration or domain expiration of the freenoms.

10. How to drive such a huge number of sites into the index?
For Google I can recommend my site map padding service (/sitemap.xml), Google eats it, and in the next couple of hours ... days adds a lot of pages in index: Link to that forum theme via GooogleTranslate.
But since the beginning of 2020, it has become increasingly difficult to get Google to index the whole big site.

11. How do you generate such a large number of doorways?
PandoraBox in batch generation. I had to configure it so that for each door I would first create my own key file in multikey mode (in the form of a table: key + snippets). Then fast generation in RAM Disk.

12. I am not happy with the method of binding domains over IP, I want to buy full access to my Freenom \ Cloudflare account.
On August 25, 2019, I started issuing domains already with Cloudflare accounts. So you can now bind yourself as you wish. I never give access to the Freenom panel, as this will reveal the secret of successful registration.

13. Is it possible to order re-binding to another IP in the future?
I do not give guarantees that in the future I will deal with this topic for a long time. But now I have set a price tag of 8$ for a single IP change request for a bundle of domains (up to 5K domains). In order not to worry about re-binding, immediately select the optimal hosting. Or re-bind yourself through Cloudflare access.

14. How to choose the best hosting?
Here, everyone has their own requests. If you are a beginner, then take a look at the proven VPS \ VDS from your teammates / competitors who work with the same topic. For the sake of economy, I usually take cheap VPS from different European companies. But I never talk with support, I configure everything on my own using Google. It may not always be perfect, but in the end it works.
For example, here is a server for 4.99 €:
On the standard “Cent OS 7” + the “VestaCP” panel + “the standard httpd + nginx installation package” works with about 5,000 freenoms. You can even configure it to work with more domains.

15. Have all purchased domains stopped working for me? What happened?
I think I have nothing to do with it. Since so far there has not been a single confirmation of the mass ban of the whole purchased pack for no apparent reason. Exception: there was the buyer stupidly did not configure his server good, and a week later freenom banned domains because of “404 page not found” error on main pages. So, first of all, in such a situation, I recommend checking if your server is working. Because the fact that you can go into its panel, and there is an answer over IP does not guarantee that the sites should function.

16. How many of your IPs can you specify for binding?
The number of IPs is unlimited, up to the proportion “1 IP = 1 domain”. But in a situation when you need a different proportion (100 domains for 1 IP, 250 for another, 500 for the third ...), then so that I don’t waste my time on the calculations, better create your own .txt list with different IPs and send it to me. So, if you buy 1000 domains, then in this list should be 1000 lines with your IP, an example of this list:
17. Is it possible to take purchased domains not at a time?
I understand the situation when, for the economy, you buy a large pack and do not have time to process it promptly. So for orders for> = 5,000 domains I introduce the ability to split the domains list into 2...3 mini-packs with pauses between each issue of 1..7 days (preferably no more).

18. CNAME as an analogue of direct binding by A-record, or how to change IP almost for free:
Some experienced buyers do not order binding using the classic A-record method (with binding to their IP), but via a CNAME record (with binding to their domain). Now I realized that it is convenient for those users who often change IP. For a “CNAME record” is, in a simple language, something like cloning all NS-rules of a customer’s domain into a whole bunch of freenoms.

20. Is it possible to renew domains in the future?
There are no guarantees. But since November 2019, I have been practicing such a renewal scheme: I re-register domains according to the list of old customer domains (as in paragraph 7). But there you usually need to wait a month after the expiration of the domain, only tnen Freenom allows you to register it for a free (this is Freenom protection against such schemes).

21. What additional Cloudflare configs can you change?
Based on the wishes of customers, I expanded the usual functions of the Cloudflare service settings. If you order any of the above options together with the order for domains, then it will be free. If after buying domains, then it will cost from ~8$.
As a result, such modes were added (carefully, the numbering is out of order!):
3) Activation of "I'm Under Attack". - I ordered a client whose domains were DDoSed and the server could not stand it.
4) Disabling "Always Online". - it reduces the load from Cloudflare bots that create a cache copy of the site, but it gives at least some traffic if there are no visitors on the domains. Because theoretically, the freeman bannes domains for lack of traffic. Although the question here is, whether the Cloudflare service bots for the Freenom are “usually visitors”.
5) SSL = Full, Always Use HTTPS = ON, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites = ON. - ordered for a full redirect on HTTPS right on the side of the Cloudflare service. However, it seems like you need certificate support on the server.
6) SSL = Flexible. This item is for those users who have already changed this value, because in Cloudflare "SSL = Flexible" is usually set by default on all domains.
7) Always Use HTTPS = ON, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites = ON. - A simplified version of option “5)”, without certificate conditions. This is usually what all doorway-webmasters take to force https:// instantly immediately at the NS server level, but not at the hosting server level. Then the webmaster has less trouble on the server and the redirect itself works faster.
9) Full DEActivation of "I'm Under Attack" (essentially_off).
11) Pseudo IPv4 = off.
12) hotlink_protection = on.
13) IPv6 = off. I did not really understand why client need it. It seems like his TDS couldnt determined this bot or a person if traffic came over IPv6.
30) Disable proxying. This feature includes hiding IP hosting (Cloudflare cloud), more about it in the startpost at points #5, #6.
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This post is for situation when you bought a lot of domains from me, but you do not have time to quickly use them (upload pages to them, or at least attach to the hosting \ server normally). As you can see from my posts above, in a couple of days, the Freenom service BANs domains that do not give a normal response with the text on the main page.
And if you do not have a script, which quickly generates different page stubs for new sites, then use this solution. I will describe its application on the example of the VestaCP + CentOS 7 panel. Who has a different panel, then for sure one can also adapt such a focus:
By default, if you enter the IP server with VestaCP, it will open at this address the contents of the main page of the very first domain that was created when the panel was installed. It may even be a non-working fictional domain that you haven’t touched and forgot about it for a long time, but its directory (the path is approximately the same: “/home/admin/web/”) contains the HTML VestaCP welcome page. Here it will load. An example of such a welcome page (digging through publicwww):

Some VestaCP owners delete the first domain or its contents, then it will load a 404 error.
So, when I give after the purchase the frenoms attached to your IP, and you have not yet created them in the panel, then in the browser at their address will open just the page described above, since they actually redirect to the server IP. And here the idea: instead of this standard page we will upload a specially prepared PHP page that will generate a unique (albeit delusional) text each time it is accessed. Then, in fact, when checking, the Freenom service will see working different pages on all your freenoms, even if their folders have not yet been created on the server.

In the post below I quote the code for this page. Further, there are several options for how to fill it:
A) If the domains have not yet been created on the server, then just upload this file to the first domain.
B) If domains are already created in the panel, you will have to upload this file to each folder of the domain.
C) If you are only going to create domains in the panel, you can specify files in VestaCP that will be uploaded to each folder of the newly created domain by default, and in the end we won’t even have to upload anything with our hands. To do this, go to your folder via SSH:
Delete all the old files in it, and upload or create “index.php” file there.

Example text on such a page (the text changes each time the page is refreshed / refreshed):
I attach the file to the post.


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