TG-Reger by Rogozhkin - Automatic registration of Telegram TData accounts 2022


Hello everyone;-)

I present to your attention a template "TG-Reger by Rogozhkin - Automatic registration of Telegram TData accounts 2022 [ZennoPoster|ZennoBox]"

Telegram it is gaining more and more popularity and the number of profitable topics for earning money in Telegram is only growing. Everyone monetizes work in their own way and accounts are needed for work in each topic. The most excellent result is shown by accounts registered through the Portable version of Telegram. This software just solves this problem and can help all those who work with Telegram and who need exactly such accounts.

Registration takes place through the android MEMU emulator, followed by transfer to the Portable version of the Telegram client on your computer (TData).

Template on ZennoPoster. It is possible to extract ZennoBox for those who do not have ZennoPoster (+$10 to the price)!

This is how the software settings look like:

Main advantages TG-Reger by Rogozhkin:

Full automation of the process without your participation. Software can be driven for days on end.

➢ Automatic monitoring of the availability of rooms on the services. That is, the software can be launched and it will start registering only when it sees that the numbers on the selected services have appeared.

➢ 11 most normal sms activation services.

➢ Realistic emulation of mouse movements.

➢ Any clicks always occur at random coordinates.

➢ Ability to save a web account profile .zpprofile.

➢ Two-factor installation. This function will not allow you to hijack your accounts, since all services have a habit of turning numbers in a circle.

➢ Random location of the client on the screen at each registration + the ability to manage random coordinates from the settings depending on the resolution of your computer.

➢ Telegram alerts in case of critical failures in the registrar's work, which will allow you to respond in time to problems of various kinds.

➢ Installing a short link to the account (random from the profile, or data from the table)

➢ Setting the first and last name from the data table

➢ Filling out a profile with photos

➢ The ability to set your password to a two-factor (or random)

➢ Filling out the BIO profile.

➢ You can work with a proxy.

➢ You can work with a mobile modem (RU).

➢ Reset the ip address of the mobile proxy on request (after successful/unsuccessful registration).

➢ Reset the IP address of the mobile modem (after successful/unsuccessful registration). (RU)

➢ Rebooting the ip address by launching a third-party bat file.

➢ The ability to control the number of registered accounts, as well as receive notifications in telegram about each registered account with the ability to view it by link.

➢ Ability to manage pauses between registrations.

➢ The ability to run any .bat after the error occurred.

➢ The ability to select countries for activation services (where possible).

➢ The ability to select operators for activation services (where possible).

➢ The ability to set the lifetime of the account for 1 year.

The software is sold by subscription.

Subscription options:

10$. for a day (suitable for those who want to try before buying for a longer period).

50$. - for 3 months.

70$. - for 6 months.

Payment is USDT.

The price includes individual assistance in setting up the software via TeamViewer, if such assistance is required by the client (there are detailed instructions in video format included). Setting up a template by me from scratch (turnkey) on your computer is paid separately and costs 10$.

Version with no time limit of 150$ (pay once, use always).

Updates and edits of the software are present. The software will work as long as the registration of accounts in this way is relevant.

Included with the software are detailed instructions for setting it up with a demonstration of its work!

Information on hardware. Since the android emulator is demanding of resources, not all weak machines will cope with this task. I will give an example of hardware on which everything works. i3 (3rd or 5th generation or higher, as well as similar processors), 8 RAM (ideally ddr4, but you can also have ddr3), the presence of an ssd (or at least a nimble not killed hdd). If you have a bunch of incomprehensible software installed on your Windows, Windows improvers, Windows decorators, etc., then if there are problems with the template, you will need to install a clean Win10 and put the template from scratch (in 99.9% of cases, this helps solve all sorts of incomprehensible problems that a small number of users with non-standard views may have). I am not responsible if your computer looks like a bag of dust, coolers do not work in it, folders open, you have to wait, and the disk is completely killed and at the same time you have a weak percentage, 4 gigs of RAM (which is very little for zenki and 2022). Before buying a template, check your hardware, or consult.

The set includes text instructions, as well as instructions in video format.

My contacts:


Have a nice day and a great mood to everyone!


I purchased the software 11 days ago, the software still does not work as stated. Yes, it registers an account, but only once. That is, if I start 5 threads - the software registers 5 accounts and that's it, the threads crash, no new ones are created. The author of the topic states that I am the "first" to have such a problem, that maybe there is not enough balance on the sms service, that maybe I am doing something wrong and so on.

As a matter of fact - the dedic that I bought for the software was recommended to me by the author of the topic, I also paid him 20 bucks to configure everything for me, I did nothing at all. It's day 11, the software is not working properly, the author of the topic has not responded for the fourth day already



The author of the topic contacted me and helped me, the software is very good, I recommend to buy it

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