Promote our Instagram SMM services and receive 30% lifetime commissions! - Quality and proven service that keeps customers engaged.


Here are many automation experts that know how to drive traffic so this should surely be interesting for you.
I won't use a pretty sales graphic because my pretty sales graphic won't make you money, it's the offer!
Here is your chance to promote our services and to receive 30% lifetime commissions in return.
We have a "regular" website anybody can understand, not this typical "panel" layout.
You will earn on every purchase. If a person buys something two years from now, you will receive 30% from it.
This should be a win-win situation between you and us.

A bit about the company and services:
We sell Instagram impressions/views, likes, saves and genuine comments.
We provide baseline engagement to our customers to free up their time and to help them grow.
The service has been active since 2013.

We are not reselling any other serivce, all services are directly provided and maintained by our staff and systems.
If you have ever worked with a typical SMM panel, you know bad the quality of the services and the customer support can be.
Services stop working easily and their support just won't care.
We move heaven and earth to make the customers happy so they continue to buy.

Most services are subscription based and they start at $7/week which is less than a coffee per day.
Because it starts cheap, the entry barrier is quite low. Almost everybody can afford it.
On top of that, we offer a real unconditional refund.
If a client does not like the service, we refund the payment without questions or conditions.
Our refund rate is less than 0.1% right now.

This works great with all kinds of people because it is such a broad audience.
Some examples:

-If you have people anywhere, you can promote to them (Instagram, Email list, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.)
-You could use Ads with a good cloaker if you know what you are doing. We used this successfully in the past.
-You could find people on Instagram directly and reach out to them via DM if you have the time. If you want to do this and don't know how to start, just send me a DM and I can help you.
-You could go to online communities like other IM forums, facebook groups, reddit, etc. to promote the services.

TLDR; here are the conditions:
- You receive 30% from all sales.
- We do the payout 30 days after the transaction happened (15 days after the transaction you could purchase our services with the funds).
- Minimum for payout is $50.
- We have a nice proprietary dashboard to track all your sales and income.
- Payout is done through Paypal.
- You need to pass a KYC check and you need to be of legal age before we can pay.
- Don't do anything that would lead people to be unhappy and request a refund immediately (because you obviously lied to them promising something that is unattainable, etc.)
- Don't do anything that counts as spam and will get angry people to come to our website to complain.
- Don't do anything scammy, illegal or against the law.

After signing up, please send a DM with your email and I will increase your percentage to 30%.
Sign Up at:

If you do not like this offer, just send a DM and we can talk.
If anything is unclear, just ask here.

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