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[Free] Link checker script for Link Directory link building

Discussion in 'General' started by peter, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. peter

    peter Пользователь

    Jan 7, 2012
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    A couple of years ago I had written a complex script which could check the results of your mass link building projects, no matter what kind of directories you had been using. As it was originally written with ZennoPoster 3, it took a while until I had some time to rewrite it to ZennoPoster 5, so that it could be a usable script for everyone who still builds links with link directories and needs a simple tool to create reports about the approved links for clients. The challenge here is that you only know the domain where your submitted link is to appear in case of approval, but the exact URL where the outgoing link is located has to be figured out somehow.

    This script attempts to find the already approved links in any kind of link directory you might use: first it scrapes web search engine results, then it tries to find search forms on the link directory page itself and figure out which are the search results – without knowing anything about the directory's page template/code structure. It might sound quite simple but can get really complicated as you find yourself working with link directories based on many different custom directory scripts or directory CMSes which are heavily modified.

    I have tried to extensively document the logic behind the script so it might be also a useful starting point for anyone who just starts to learn how to use ZennoPoster and needs some ideas about how this wonderful piece of software can be used.

    For detailed description and download links please head over to http://www.jaroli.hu/free-link-checker-script-for-directory-link-building/

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  2. drag0n

    drag0n Новичок

    Nov 27, 2018
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    Hi Peter do you do any custom templates for Zenno? i'm looking for a citation builder script builds local/national citations.


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