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    As for most buyers, ZennoPoster may cause a lot of issues at the beginning of use, because the functionality is really wide and it takes time to learn the working principles.

    The questions are very different, for example:
    - Will I solve my task?
    - Does ZennoPoster have required functionality?
    - How does "such-and-such" functional work?
    - What am I to do to solve my problem?
    - How to install?
    - How to start?
    - How do I use a proxy and what is needed for this?

    And much more!

    In order not to waste time searching the forum and doing competent search queries, feel free to contact me according to the information below.
    I will help to deal with all "newbie issues" absolutely for free. All you need is just to buy ZennoPoster by my referral link.

    Have been actively working with ZP for 6 years.

    Referral link: LINK

    Also, I create templates for ZennoPoster [6 years of work experience, only positive feedback]

    ICQ: 430-465-144
    Skype: LightWoodZP

    Russian topic with only positive feedback for 6 years -> RUS feedback
    General english topic with only positive feedback -> EN feedback
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    Hello. I want to use zennoposter in getting website traffic from social media and search engine referral. and i need like 100k - 200k visitors daily and i want it to show up in google analytics. Is that possible with zennoposter?

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