Checking the owner of the phone number


Hello! I haven’t written articles for a long time, it's time to shake antiquity 8-)
It has long been known that contacting a user by name or even a full name helps to increase the openness and trust level of messages in mailings. And then an application surfaced that was already banned in Kazakhstan and it seemed like an RCN check was carried out in 2k18 about the leak of personal data.

It is called GetContact (apk attached). Its trick is that all user contacts are stored on the servers. Thus, driving a number into it, you can find out how this or that person is signed on the phone. Cool, I thought, and climbed already automation through appium to saw) But then I saw that there is a web version in which
You can log in through the application and rushed.

!!! WARNING !!! In no case do not use your personal numbers and phones. Under this whole thing, it’s better to use some kind of left dummy cell phone.

To start, we need:
  1. Dummy mobile
  2. 4 rubles per SMS activate (you can use any other SMS service)
  3. Zennoposter ;-)

First of all, we install Whatsapp on the mobile phone and register in it via SMS service.
Next, we upload GetContact.apk to the mobile and install it. Upon installation, we give him all the rights that he asks for.
We start the GetContact application on the mobile and get to the stage of confirming the number, then Whatsapp, which we registered earlier, is useful to us.

Click "Confirm with Whatsapp" Screenshot_2019-12-11-04-35-01.png
Then we are thrown into Whatsapp, where the text field is already filled in and we stupidly click send Screenshot_2019-12-11-04-35-13.png Screenshot_2019-12-11-04-35-23.png
We receive a notification from the bot that the number has been successfully confirmed and rejoice :D
We return to the GetContact application and see such a window (I hope you deleted the personal gmail account from the mobile phone!)
Balances drive in a name and soap. Click to continue.
If everything is done correctly, you will be transferred to the main program window. Where we click on the "Other" button and put the phone aside. Screenshot_2019-12-11-04-37-53.png
Now run ZP and drop the contact.xmlz template into it and open the input settings of the template, where we drop the phone numbers in the format shown on the screen 46283
Save the settings and run the template! A window with the "Save Profile" button will appear, we don’t touch it yet. Screenshot_5.png

In the meantime, in the browser, the website was opened.
Now take the mobile phone and click on the item "Getcontact WEB" Screenshot_2019-12-11-04-38-01.png
QR code scanner opens Screenshot_2019-12-11-04-38-23.png
After successfully scanning the QR code, we see the following: Screenshot_2019-12-11-04-38-34.png Screenshot_2.png
Now we can click the "Save Profile" button Screenshot_3.png

The profile is saved, and in the near future we will no longer need a mobile phone for work 8-)

A bit about the template. There was no time to parse phone numbers to determine the country and other things, because the template uses a third-party service (, where with one Get request I get comprehensive information about the phone number (I use only the country).
In the template, only the primary authorization is done through the browser, then everything works on post \ get requests. I tried to use more cubes, so that it was easier for beginners to understand what was happening and use the template for their own purposes.
Also, in places in the template, I scattered pauses, so that sites would not die from the influx of users)))
All data is saved in the txt file OUTPUT.TXT
Sample data:
7937 **** 475; MegaFon-Russia; RU; Dmitry Metanol;
7964 **** 950; Beeline-Russia; RU; Rifkat Ibragimov;
7927 **** 563; MegaFon-Russia; RU; Katya Melnichuk; Katya Pronina; Pronina; Mine; My; Katya; Basic Course - February #; Katya Nails R; Pronina Katya; Katya Uni; Vladik; Katyukha; Katya; Katy ; Cat
7960 **** 535; Beeline-Russia; RU; Lena;
7937 **** 223; MegaFon-Russia; RU; Igor Reo;
790 **** 5852; Tele2-Russia; RU; Ilya Apartment;
7960 **** 920; Beeline-Russia; RU; Carolina;
7927 **** 878; MegaFon-Russia; RU; Marina Posadsky;
7983 **** 703; Russia; RU; Max Sosed;
7906 **** 848; Beeline-Russia; RU; Vitaly Russkov; Vital; Vitaly Russkov; Vitaly; M Tipo Genet In Novobaydayevka; A Man With Beer And Leroy; Vitaly Perekup; Vitaly Perekup; Mazda Novokuz; Vitaly Vit; Buyer; Amp
7953 **** 363; Tele2-Russia; RU; Natashka Krutova;
* Phone numbers are hidden in the article for privacy purposes.

Some phones have a bunch of data on how they are signed in users' notebooks.
As you can see, you can find out not only your name, but also the type of person’s activity, which again will allow you to more accurately target the newsletter! It’s also not necessary to use ready-made database numbers, you can stupidly generate them :by:
I packed all the files in the archive and attached it. Thanks for attention


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