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New version of the CapMonster.Cloud website

Dear friends!

We've launched a new version of the CapMonster.Cloud website with improved usability, stylish interface and more features.


1. Added more languages: Polish, Turkish, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Hindi. We've made it for users from different countries to feel comfortable. Now the CapMonster.Cloud website is available in the native language.

2. Instructions for connecting the service and adding modules have become more friendly. Now the actions are divided into step-by-step blocks with a logical structure and a detailed description.

3. There are a «Download browser extension» button in the instructions.

4. Added news notifications. All important messages will be here.

5. There are hints in the log.

6. Added the ability to transfer funds from the ZennoLab personal account to the CapMonster.Cloud balance. You can do it in the settings.

7. Additional «Price» buttons in several places on the site to make it easier to find the price.

Go and test our new website.
Share your impressions in the discussion.

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