CapMonster 2 new version (28 December 2018) Browser profiles for reCAPTCHA v2/v3

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    Solve reCAPTCHA v2/v3 even faster using profiles

    Browser profiles with real user history allows to solve reCAPTCHA v2/v3 much faster/better or even immediately comparing to private browser mode.
    You may check this in your own browser which already has good Google cookies with history.

    Our program ZennoPoster allows to create algorithm for gaining Cookie and saving it to profiles for further usage in CapMonster.

    How to use?

    You should specify the folder with profiles in «ReCaptchaSitekey Addon» settings:


    Full list of changes


    + Browser profiles from ZennoPoster can be used now for solving ReCaptcha 2. It' allows to recognize the captcha with higher success rate, as in browser profiles you can gain real user history of visiting different websites and catch good google cookies. The folder with profiles can be specified in addon settings.
    + Program stability at network errors has been improved.
    + Additional parameters are now supported in Anti-Captcha API 2.0 request.
    + Minor UI enhancements.


    Errors when recognizing at high workload have been fixed.
    Issues solving ReCaptcha v3 on several websites.
    HttpRequest method for solving ReCaptcha has been optimized allowing to slightly increase success rate.
    Issues integrating CapMonster with some third-party software have been solved.
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    Discussing version here.

    Reporting bugs here.
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