Release CapMonster Higher success rate of solving reCAPTCHA via HTTP method • Updated CEF browser engine

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+ Higher success rate of solving reCAPTCHA via HTTP method.
+ The CEF browser engine is updated to version 105.3.
+ Tasks with an ERROR_PROXY_FORMAT will be included in the list of incorrect tasks on the main screen on the app.
+ In order to pass information about the captcha recognition module to the program, you can send its name as a suffix in the key in the following format: «00f87cb0f01330d33709ce3339ad0c8c__solvemedia».
+ Added a link to Help in the IP setup menu («Don't see my IP!»).
+ Added a button to generate a security key (in GUID format).
+ «Clear» button allows you to permanently delete banned proxies, and «Restore» – to return all proxies to the list of active ones that are in the list of banned ones at the moment the button is pressed.
+ Added the ability to hide the alert window when starting the service without a security key on a public IP address. Now the service starts correctly even after automatic restarts. The message will appear when you agree to enable the service without protection.


Removed delays accidentally saved in the code for local complex modules.
Now, when adding and removing modules, the app settings are saved. Previously, the settings were saved only when closing the app and didn't work if the process crashed. Because of this, it was necessary to restart the program after adding new modules in order to force saving the settings. Now this is not required.
Fixed the error message when the recognition module is missing. Now the suggestion to add the «ZennoLab» prefix will appear only if there is a module with such a prefix. In other cases, there will be a message about the possible presence of a typo.
Now in the RuCaptcha and 2Captcha APIs on the res.php page, not only GET, but also POST requests are supported.
Fixed default directories for profiles. Previously, by default it led to C:\Users\admin\Documents\ZennoLab\CapMonster\GeneratedProfiles, regardless of the current username.
Now the limit of the number of simultaneous tasks of http processes works correctly.
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