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Hello all! In this topic, I want to offer a new template for automatic registration of Facebook accounts - Avtoreg FB 3.0.

Distinctive feature of the template:

Registers accounts using the bluestacks mobile emulator.
Getting a large number of accounts became possible thanks to the work of the template in multithreading.
Uniqueization of the device before each new registration by changing the IMEI and Android ID and other parameters.
Ability to set your own proxy for each stream.

Main advantage:

Allows you to get the number of successful registrations ~ 80%. Against 0-10% when registering by other known methods.

After all, everyone who works with Facebook knows that recently Facebook has closed registration (registration does not work not only through the usual Zennoposter browser, but also on any browser installed on the computer, be it Yandex, Mozilla, Google Chrome or any other) - registration also does not pass.

What will you get:

This template will solve the problem with registration and will work for you, help you get new accounts in batches daily and automatically. This will allow you to expand your business, increase profits and save time for important business, leisure, family outings.

A text instruction is attached to the template, in which I talk in detail about preparing the emulator for registration, about what affects successful registration and how to increase the percentage of successful registrations.

My help in setting up the software.

How to test a template before buying?

Contact me on telegram, the cost of the test is 10$. I give the test for 3 days.

Avtoreg FB 3.0

Registers accounts in English.

Fills in an account in a mobile emulator (all the fields that Facebook offers to fill in)

Initial filling of the account in the mobile application after registration.

Also, after registration, the template fills in the fields that Facebook itself offers to fill out. Among them:

- Avatar
- Cover
- City of residence (the list of cities you set up yourself)
- Hometown (the list of cities you set up yourself)
- School (will be listed based on city of residence, and will also set age-relevant start and end dates)
- University (it will be indicated on the basis of the city of residence, and will also set the start date of study, and if the end year of study according to the template estimates has already arrived, it will indicate that it graduated and indicate in which year)
- Place of work (will be indicated based on the city of residence, and will also set the start and end dates of work relevant to the end of study at the university)
- Family status

For all these fields, it will also mark who sees it (available to everyone, friends, only me).
What to specify in all these points you choose in advance in the template settings.

Demo video filling the account:

Cost: 250$

Important Notes:

1. Working on Facebook is quite complicated, you need to understand this before buying a program.
There is no moneyback. I give you the opportunity to test the template in advance and make an informed decision whether you need this program or not. Ready to work - welcome. You think it's easy money - it's better not to throw it away.
2. I don't teach earning courses. When buying a program, you yourself must know what you want to do. But my chat and my support will always try to help you as much as possible.
3. If you have any suggestions, ideas or YOU NEED ANY ADDITIONAL MODE - just write to me. It is possible that this will be added to the template - either free of charge or for a small fee (depending on the task). So the program is constantly developing and expanding its functionality.
4. "Make such a mode, and then I will buy the program" - this does NOT WORK. All additional functions ONLY for users of the program. Some of them may be free, some may be paid.
5. The program was created on Zennoposter. For work, the zennoposter itself is not a necessity - you can use the zennobox. But you need to know what it is - elementary things, for example, "how to add a program to a zennoposter and how to run it." Fortunately, this is not classified information and any question about managing a zennoposter is easily googled.
If you do not have a zennoposter, I write out a program for the zennobox. If you do not know what it is - write, I'll tell you.
6. Help and advice are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and taking into account my workload, I do not provide advice on using a PC. Consultations that do not relate to the operation of my product, I provide as far as possible for an additional fee.
7. The program is multi-threaded, supports proxies and is constantly evolving, especially in terms of trust account registration.
8. As for the subscription fee - in the future it will appear, but today it is not. Hurry up to buy a template without a subscription fee.


~18 sms services. The only template on the market that has all 18 sms services in one place! And the functions of each SMS service are implemented in full!

Can work with all services simultaneously. This means that if one SMS service runs out of balance or there are no available numbers, the template will switch to another one and check the availability of numbers on it. If there are no numbers there, then it will not calm down until it bypasses all the SMS services you have chosen. In addition, the template will be sorted not only by SMS services, but also by each country on each service from all available countries.

Registration on your SIM cards. An operating mode that allows you to register new accounts on your SIM cards. You only need to enter the number and SMS code, the template will take care of the rest. Everything will depend only on the speed with which you change SIM cards in your device.

Registration to your mail. Another mode of operation in which I implemented the ability to register accounts using my already purchased emails.

Registration limit per proxy. This option allows you not to register for one proxy more than you would like.

Number monitoring 24/7. A very useful feature that increases the automation of account registration.. If there are no numbers on any service, then the template, with the option enabled, will wait for them for a specified time, sending requests every minute. And as soon as the numbers appear, registration will begin.

Select any country on the SMS service. Here is a very useful feature. In this registrar, we have the opportunity for all services (which support this) to choose the country whose number we will order. Moreover, we can choose at least one, at least two, at least all countries at once. This means that during registration, if there are no numbers for Russia on the SMS service, then a request will be made for numbers for another country (for example, for Kazakhstan), if there are no numbers for it, then it will check all other countries (which you have chosen), and only after that it will move to another service.

Notifies by mail about low balance. We continue to increase automation. And in this case, the option is designed to inform us that the balance will soon run out on such and such an SMS service and you need to replenish it. It is very convenient, because manually checking 18 SMS services is time-consuming. The balance threshold at which to send a letter, you set yourself.

Registration by docks. An additional option for registration - using it you can specify pre-prepared data for the account (first name, last name, date of birth, gender), which will be useful when unfreezing an account - using this data, unfreezing an account becomes real.

Modem reboot support. If you have a dynamic IP (changing every time the modem is rebooted), then you don’t have to use a proxy to register - it’s enough to reboot the modem after every three to five registrations and continue registering again. And for this to happen automatically, it is enough to specify the path to the bat file in the template settings, which will automatically restart the modem.



Avtoreg FB 3.0 is capable of not only registering accounts, but filling them out and setting them up according to your preferences. It fills in everything that can be filled in and specified for the account, and the filling itself is implemented with high quality, human-like and diverse. At the output, all accounts look like they are alive!

Installing an avatar. The most important thing, where the humanization of the account begins, is the installation of a good avatar, which is what the template does in the first place.

Adding photos to your profile. The template selects the folder from which it will download photos for the account, in order or randomly. And once uploading a photo to an account, the template will remember where it took them from, and henceforth for this account it will only upload from the same folder from where it was for the first time.

Create photo albums. Before adding photos, the template is able to create albums with a random name for photos.

Joining groups by keywords. Accounts will join groups, looking for them through a Facebook search by key. And if you have a list of donor groups to join, then you can specify the path to it and then the accounts will join groups according to your list.

Invitation to friends through the "find friends" button or through the search. Do you want your accounts to have friends? Then just specify how many and how many friends to add, as well as search criteria - by first name, last name or city, and then the template will find the required number of friends and send them invitations.

Work and education. The template is able to indicate which high school the account studied at, select the start and end dates of training so that they look real. Then it will go to the indication of data for the university, where it will also select the actual dates of study. It will indicate the skills and abilities acquired during the training (different ones will always be indicated). And also set up who can see it all.

Places where you lived. Here you can specify in which city the account lived, and also let him choose his home city - either the same where the account lives, or another random city.

Contact and basic information. Here you can specify your website or any other link on the Internet.

General information. In general information, you can indicate who you are interested in - men and / or women, add languages, religion, political views, name day. All data will always be specified different, which makes the accounts unique and not similar to each other.

Family and relationships. Indicate your chosen marital status.

Information about you. Fill in the "About Me" and "Favorite Quotes" fields with the data from the files.

Additional account information. On the "More" page, it will add a random number of FROM and TO teams, athletes, music, movies, TV shows, books. For each item will indicate who can see it.

1. Privacy settings and tools. 2. Timeline and tag settings. 3. Filters and tools for publishing available to all. Will set the values for each field in accordance with those specified in the template settings.



Multi-threaded work. Multi-threading allows you to register / fill / clear many more accounts per unit of time. The work you need will be done many times faster!

Smart cleaning of accounts. A powerful module that allows you to completely clear your account of all information added to it. Just point the template to a file with accounts to clean up, and the template will do the rest. After some time, you will receive a pack of accounts completely cleared and ready for a new filling. To find out what exactly can be cleared, look at the screenshots of the template settings.

Customizable account saving format. An important and handy feature. The template has the ability to customize the format for saving accounts after registration, filling, cleaning or checking. This function is useful in that if in the future you are going to use accounts in other programs where the formats for recording accounts are different, then you will not have to redo anything by hand - the template will do everything by itself.

Checking for freezes, bans, incorrect logins and passwords. If you have a bunch of accounts and want to check which of them are alive, then just specify the path to this file in the checker and then it will do everything by itself - it will go into each profile and check if the account is alive, frozen or banned and sort the accounts by files.

Saving links to accounts. After working with the account, the template saves a link to the account so that you can look at the account profile without logging into it.

A well-thought-out system of errors with a description of problems. Out of balance on the service? Is the number blocked? Accidentally added an account with the wrong username and password? Account already unfrozen? Code not received? The page was in English or even Arabic? The template will put the problematic account in a separate list and write the reason why something went wrong or try to fix the problem itself. In the course of work, any troubles that may arise will be excluded, the template will be updated and maintain its performance.

Save profiles. Saves the profile each time after working with the account. Profiles are needed for faster and safer login.

⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛ ⤛


Additionally, you need to say a few words about the checker. Firstly, he is able to remove from the frieze those accounts that, in principle, lend themselves to this. Secondly, in this mode, the template is able to change or indicate the mail for each valid account instead of the phone number, and if the password suddenly ceased to fit the account, then during the change of mail the template will be able to reset the password (it will receive a link to specify a new password by mail) and write updated data to file.

⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛ ⤛


In "Avtoreg FB 3.0" there are many settings for editing privacy, it fills in absolutely all the necessary fields of the account. As a result, you get fully completed and looking alive accounts at the lowest price possible.

A meaningful setting of the dates of study (school, university), work, family creation has been implemented. For example, if our account is 25 years old, then the template will choose to start school from 5 to 8 years old, graduate from school after 9-11 years of study, and enter a university 0-2 years after graduation. The account starts working from the third year (this is the earliest option), or after two years of idleness after the end of the course (the latest option). Of course, if only our account is old enough (if it is not old enough, then we will not indicate the work. If it is even less years, then the university). With all this, the template indicates the dates as randomly as possible.

Filling in each field is accompanied by the account privacy setting "Who sees this: Available to everyone, Friends, Friends of friends, Only me", the value of which you specify in the template settings.

⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤜⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛⤛ ⤛​

➪ Zennoposter version from and to Template without monthly fee.

➪ The template works safely and efficiently even in one thread, even the weakest computer will cope with the tasks of registration, filling, cleaning and checking.

➪ Binding to Zennobox is possible (+$10 to the price of the template).


The video clearly shows what settings are in the template. Pause while browsing so you can read all the tooltips for the options:

Cost 250$ license for 1 year.
For purchase and support, write to telegram.
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Достаточно функциональная программа и множество возможностей для создания качественных аккаунтов. В будущем будет добавлено много других вещей.


Update from 09/12/2023:
+ Added countries for the SMS service vak-sms.com. Today, all 33 countries are represented by this SMS service.

For support and purchasing questions, write to telegram:

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