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    running javascript in zennoposter

    I got a javascript that solves captchas using 2captcha. There is first a function defined, than i call it to send GET request. It works fine in chrome console, but in zenno it just ticks of positive end without doing any work. var apiKey = "API"; var googleKey =...
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    Project maker, times out. Fail to load pages

    Hi. Recently the zennoposter browser has started to be significant slower then it used to be. From I started using zennoposter I have noticed the integrated firefox browser to be slower then my regular chrome browser. Until recently this has not been an issue, but now the page times out and i...
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    Running projects in ZP5

    Until now I have only used zennoposter lite which only has 1 thread, I have choosen to just run my projects inside project maker which works smoothly. However I want to expand to a 5 thread taking advantage of Christmas sale. My only issue moving forward is that my projects dosent work "well"...
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    Proxy experiences anyone

    Hi. I´m considering upgrading my zennoposter to multi thread version. The only reason I consider it is to have multiple accounts on a site that dont allow proxies or multiple accounts. So prior to taking advantage of the Christmas sale I want to know if anyone know of private proxy sites that...
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    Considering capmonster for recaptcha images

    Hi, recently I had big troubles solving google recaptchas. Are capmonster still able to solve? what kind of succsess rate does it have? and how does it perform when the puzzle is required multiple times?
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    Is there any new google recaptcha template availible?

    Lately I had so bad sucsess rate it has led to banned accounts. Is there any recent templates availible? I know they are ofted discussed in russian forum, but it is hard to guide in a non english enviorment. Thanks for sending me any reference recourses you know of :) regards
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    change active tab name

    Lets say im running a template with multiple tabs, when one of the actions fail i start over. At the start I delete all the tabs, then the remaining tab would have a different name then "page" how can I change the name back to "page"?
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    Send multiple request at once

    Hi. I want to send a post request several times at once, up to 9 times. I can in theory use action designer and make it loop back and forth for the required time, but that will be slow as the request will be sent 9 times. Instead i want the button to send 9 request at once like a loop in JS, I...
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    Problem with previously working 2captcha template

    Hi. previously i was using a template that i found here in the russian forum. The template was simple and all the processing happend within 2 C# boxes. Then I started to solve the captcha by sound, but sometimes my ip gets banned from getting the mp3 fil so i tried to go back to solving it by...
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    Set new source, without refreshing content

    Hi, im trying to change parts of the source code in a page, when i do so the page refresh and changes the unique key i stored from before. Can i tell zennoposter to update source but not refresh content? Thanks
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    Solving google recaptchas

    Hi. First I found a template here in the russian forum that solves the captcha clicking the right images, after a while I was getting more and more dynamic captchas which updated the pictures. Then I found a template solving it by using audio in the russian forum, now and then my ip gets...
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    Strange, browser takes a while to load pages

    Hi. Zennoposter are using exraordinary time to fully load page, when I use the site in my ordinary browser it is way more quick. Also seems quick on my stationary pc before it crashed, only difference is the version update and that im on a laptop now. Is there anything I can to to optimize...
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    Recaptcha audio solve 2captcha

    Hi. Recently i noticed 90% of the captchas has the click until none are left dynamic template, this are causing 2captcha to fail LOADS. I recently recived an email where 2captcha said they could solve recaptchas by audio. I wonder if anyone got an sample template for this? Many thanks
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    Project maker insane lag

    Hi, recently my stationary pc crashed. So I went ahead and installed zennoposter on my lenovo yoga 2 pro. What I found out is it was really really laggy, also when i left click and action designer it chooses the wrong element. Can I do anything to solve this? what is the requirements for...
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    How to post a code snippet to perform a series of action

    Hi. From time to time i am using the console in my browser to post a series of javascript to perform series of action pretty quickly. Can i do so from my zennoposter also? how should I apprpach that?
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    Google recapatcha 2

    Hi. I found a template on the forum which solves it using 2captcha, I´m very thankful for it. However there are minior issues, when the images are 4x4 instead of 3x3 there seems to be a problem and the list will return empty. I also register that you will be required to solve multiple to...
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    DBC stopped working

    Hi. All of a sudden DBC stopped working in my project, everytime the result returns SOBRE. I have checked my balance, i have checked my login detail but the image dosent come thru to DBC, its not even registred on statistics page. 2Captcha still work. I have tried 2 DBC accounts, same result...
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    Email processing, take only message text.

    Hi. I wonder how I can set an regular expression to take whatever the message contains and leave the header and all the codes ect. I will be sending those message myself and tried to start them with a "start" word to filter out whatever is over. This works for the first message, but when I...
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    Complex regex, good sources available?

    Hi. Im looking to extract a value based on several criteria. I have been trying back and forth but without luck. Somehow I feel like im on the right path. I know this isnt a forum for such questions but if anyone knows a good source to search for clues I am happy to be advised...
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    Putting information to table, and sorting

    Hi. I have been making a small template where i collect a series of information, im using regexp to filter the integers and putting them into a table. I then want to sort them from smallest to largest but when I do that im not getting the smallest in top since it sort only by the very first...
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    Mouse simulation.

    Hi. I have tried searching in the forum, I just wonder if there is anyway to make it faster. Thanks
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    Sending images in chat

    Hi. I wonder if I can send a picture on either facebook chat or trought skype with zennoposter. I am using CaptchaSaver.dll to save the image and would love to know if it is possible to send that picture :) Thanks
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    Restart if process stop

    Hi. Is there possible to make the template restart if the failure is not connected to any box? Or do I have to draw all the false lines back to start?
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    After trying to crate module zennoposter fails to use DBC

    Hi. I used to use DBC to solve my captchas, then i installed CM2 and tried to make a module but failed to, but still the captchas are sent to CM2 even if i use DBC.dll The captchas are not recognized and zennoposter will hang for several minutes before receiving the result sorry. What is...
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    [SOLVED]  Filters and center off mass

    Hi. I´m trying to make a module in capmonster2, according to zennolab wiki I shall use filters to eliminate all the noise and sit left with black letters. I have played around with filters for quite while and aint able to get anything better then whats shown in the image. Also the text is not...
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    Snippet to determinate what variable got the lowest value

    Hi. I have been making a template in zennoposter were i get 5 values, I have converted those values into the correct integer format using reg exp. and javascript. I do now look to return the variable with the lowest value, just like the Math.min(varA,VarB,varC) Except that i want to return the...
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    Using the action designer - click another element

    Hi. Im looking to automate yet another process and as usual I have to ask here, Im sincerely thankful for all the help I have gotten here but honestly it gets embarrassing asking so much also. but after trying to figure out this one for a while I decided to ask here again, i think this might...
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    Solve captcha manually, push possible?

    Hi. I want to use the captcha solving module to detect and possibly reply to messages, Im looking to do this remotely from my phone processing the captcha image "message" in this case trough email service. Also i wonder how i get the captcha window to auto popup when captcha is recognized with...
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    Most common ways to detect a robot

    Hi. Im trying to figure out if I can protect my account on a game being banned for using a robot. Recently I saw a couple of players being banned for doing so. So far I have not been flagged and think that is because zennoposter runs javascript, plugins and other stuff that mostly hard coded...
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    Solving image captcha using DBC

    Hi. Now and then i require to solve an image captcha like this: So far I have been doing it by chances and guessed the result an will solve it within 40 tries as the probability would be 1/6*1/5=1/30 But i would love to send this to death by captcha, they told me they can solve it but i...
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    Veiw the pause

    Hi. Due to loading times of the web services i operate in, i find that the pausing time which is grabbed by a GET fuction to be 10-20 second off. Im trying to optimize my template and wonder if there is a way i can get the pauses to show dynamicly in project maker. Thanks
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    Again I need help. List to variable

    Hi. I am using the GET function in the action designer to get the time remaining until next action required. I do therefore want to set a pause equal to the variable i am carting. I have used the GET sucsessful, did a regexp box with \d+ as previously advised and put the numbers into a list...
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    Qustion about GET action designer

    Hi. I have tried to use the GET in the action designer to grab a value, so i can evaluate what to do next. The problem is that i need the integer to make a simple logic to check if the variable recived was =< some other integer. But what i get is the hole inner HTML which contains alot of...
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    Counting outcome with zennoposter

    Hi. I want to do the same action again and again until the same result has been achieved X times and after that X amount of times i want to perform another action until i achieve the result i want. There is only 2 outcomes so i could use text presence to see what result i got. I only need to...
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    Does captcha images store using death by captcha?

    Hi. I just wonder where the location of stored captcha images are? if they are temporary and get deleted are there anyway i can use zennoposter to store images? I have the link to the captcha image which update everytime i refresh the page, so lets say i wanted 100 copies how could i use...
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    Set pause time based on text apperance

    Hi. I wonder if it is possible to "copy" text from a source code and set the pause time using that text. Also is it possible to make it in minutes so you can type 3*60 in the field if the pause on screen are stated in minutes?
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    Hi. I tried CAPmonster1 and had big trouble figuring out how to us it, so i wonder if there is any english presentation video which illustrates how its used. Im also intresting in paying for a CAPmonster2 module to solve some simple non case sensetive letter captchas. If i can use it with...