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  1. bigcajones

    Hello my friends

    Sorry it's been a few years. Life happens. Got remarried to a much younger woman, hence my lack of activity on the forum. Glad to be back. Had to kick the rust off working with the new version. Looking awesome so far. Anyways, thanks Dark Diver and Nauru for inviting me to be a part of this...
  2. bigcajones

    WTF Is Up With All The Spam Posts?

    You guys really need to protect the forum better. I'm seeing more and more spam posts. How about if only clients get to post. I know this hurts the new members that are trying the demo version, but we don't need the forum cluttered up with this spam. Do something about it please
  3. bigcajones

    Lets discuss ZennoBox options

    Yup! Maybe.
  4. bigcajones

    Input Settings Import/Export

    I'm building some templates with tons of multiselect dropdowns. I'm trying to create the input settings through xml. I exported an input setting from one template to see how the settings were built. Tryed importing to another template but it gave an error.
  5. bigcajones

    Input Settings Import/Export

    Am I missing something. I tried exporting the input settings from one template to another and I get an error. I want to create the xml file without using the editor.
  6. bigcajones

    Contact form template

    I built one for a client. What I did was get a huge list of urls that had contact forms on them. I saved the html from the contact forms (different types) into one big text file. Then it is a matter of going through the html and finding the name= or id= or any element that makes it unique to the...
  7. bigcajones

    [BETA] Instagram Automation Panel - Instaswoop

    I'm your Huckleberry!
  8. bigcajones

    XPath универсальный C# шаг работы с элементами

    When I try your template it tells me 'no reference to CommonCode'. Maybe because I'm using 5.7.1 version?
  9. bigcajones

    XPath универсальный C# шаг работы с элементами

    and where is the library for CommonCode?
  10. bigcajones

    GET Request get's - activate javascript to view this site.

    what page are you looking at?
  11. bigcajones

    Сontest Contest: Articles about ZennoPoster

    Count me in. Will submit article to mods this week.
  12. bigcajones

    Глобальные настройки для всех проектов

    How about like it was in version 3 where we could input global variables before running templates? Can that be built back into the poster?
  13. bigcajones

    Advice on Post action

    Ok Shabby, Here is what I have found doing GET and POST requests on wordpress. Set the redirect to 1 on all your requests. Cookies that you need to login are in a redirect so you need to stop redirect so you can regex out cookie strings. Just fyi.
  14. bigcajones

    Замена кода специальных символов HTML на обычные "текстовые"

    string y = project.Variables ["jobDescription"]. Value; string result = System.Net.WebUtility.HtmlDecode (y); return result; [/ CODE]
  15. bigcajones

    Interaction between ZP and Winautomation

    Here's Bluestacks template for you to look at morpheus. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gftvu8ar17u0rob/BlueStacks.xmlz?dl=0
  16. bigcajones

    Interaction between ZP and Winautomation

    When I get back on my server tomorrow, I will see if I can share it so you'll get the idea. The problem with doing this is if screen resolutions are different or program opens a different size coordinates won't be found and since it is in c# it keeps running even if something screws up.
  17. bigcajones

    Interaction between ZP and Winautomation

    You can use zenno as a windows automation tool. It has to be done with c#, but is possible. I got it to work with bluestacks. The only problem is that it is coordinate driven.
  18. bigcajones

    News Happy New Year! And a littlbe bit about support during NY holidays

    Thanks for your great support this year. Made us some very happy customers.
  19. bigcajones

    Drupal Commenter Problem

    yes, use optional for the action. If the captcha is there it will be solved, if not then it will skip over the captcha actions
  20. bigcajones

    4 место Кнопка бабло или как я автоматизировал регистрацию в Instagram (и не только)

    Great article Radzhab. Surely a winner. A great start to many possiblilities and tremendously better than using BlueStacks and winautomation. I applaud you for sharing this with us. A true gentleman.
  21. bigcajones

    Новый саппорт от ZennoLab

    Welcome VladZ
  22. bigcajones

    XML vs JSON

    XML for sure.
  23. bigcajones

    Count of computers in pro version limited to 3 computer only?

    I would send an email to support
  24. bigcajones

    Count of computers in pro version limited to 3 computer only?

    You can actually only run the poster on 1 computer at a time but can install it on 3. You could run Project Maker on all 3 at the same time but not the poster.
  25. bigcajones

    Release ZennoPoster 5 New build (05 Nov 2014)

    Awesome Misha!
  26. bigcajones

    Change the url

    Word processing action replace /k/ with /u/
  27. bigcajones

    Excel tab

    You would have to do it with c# action and add Microsoft.Interop.Excel library. Zenno will only work with the first tab.
  28. bigcajones

    Bulk Email Processing

    Okay, there is an error in the code above. If you look the table is named Tabl1 so you have to change that to Table1 or name your table Tabl1 in order to get it to save to file.
  29. bigcajones

    Forum registration

    It's best to create templates for each platform. Easier to fix.
  30. bigcajones

    Bulk Email Processing

    In the code above you must change POP3 to IMAP after EmailProtocol if you are using imap
  31. bigcajones

    Bulk email processing question

  32. bigcajones

    Skype group details again please

    Not fed up. Just send me a message and I will try to help when I can. My job has changed and I am not on computer during the day anymore. Only nights and weekends.
  33. bigcajones

    Wildcard in Action Designer

    -1 is wildcard for form # and document address
  34. bigcajones

    Вопросы по Javascript

  35. bigcajones

    How to Show More than 2 Alerts in ZP Log?

    He's talking about template running hours apart, not seconds. Of course you will get results in the log for recent, but if you have it scheduled for every day, you will only see 2 days worth, not a weeks
  36. bigcajones

    Drop Down Solution ? Pls Help

    Probably best way is to regex option value for Pet|pet|pets|Pets|pets\ and\ insects and take result and use for selectedItems value
  37. bigcajones

    Difference between dev license subscription or One time payment?

    $400 a year? Little steep. Ubot it is then.
  38. bigcajones

    DB Support for tables

    You can connect and read and write to databases with c# code. And .netConnector.
  39. bigcajones

    Read lists and write them in a file?

    Change the mysql query to whatever you need it to be.
  40. bigcajones

    Can You Keep the Instance Window Open When in Error

    You could use a bad end and a pause to keep the window open
  41. bigcajones

    How to Get the Largest Index Number in Action Designer?

    regex the items and put to a list. get count of lines from the l.ist
  42. bigcajones

    Change image format and size

    Try running it in debug, not in the C code tester. You have to physically type in a value in the tester for the variables in order to get it to work.
  43. bigcajones

    Thread for Lite

    It's exactly the same as what he said. You have 1 thread only. One project will run the thread and then next project in line will open up a new thread to use, but only after the first is finished.
  44. bigcajones

    Two Projects Reading/Writing Same Txt at the Same Time

    Doesn't matter. It would be a good idea if you are dealing with larger files to use c# and lock the inputs and outputs. Especially when reading and writing both to the same file. It's not hard to do and if you need examples I can shoot them your way.
  45. bigcajones

    Thread for Lite

    no, you have multiple projects and all are sharing one thread, so only one project will run at a time.
  46. bigcajones

    Two Projects Reading/Writing Same Txt at the Same Time

    Everything is loaded into memory so the two threads will work on the operations and when needed the files will be updated. Don't sweat the little things. If you are using a text file with multiple threads, everything will work as you expect it to.
  47. bigcajones

    How to Check If String Contains a Given Substring?

    It's a string. '{-Variable.N-}'=='True'
  48. bigcajones

    How to Combine If?

    || for OR && for AND
  49. bigcajones

    How can i add all match?

    In your first picture you had the action designer set to Set. If you are trying to scrape the page, next time use regex on the dom to get all matches.
  50. bigcajones

    How can i add all match?

    The match number for choosing an element can only be one number. If you have to go to each match and set a value, then you will have to create a counter starting at 0 and then loop through all the matches increasing the counter each time until all matches are met. Use the counter variable in the...