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    Browser Loading... "Сервер не найден"

    here i am asking about an error when IP changeing/ reconnection, the browser give me this message "Сервер не найден" it's like a no internet connection message in russian.. the Question now: How to reload the tab/browser when i get this error? also I need to automatic refresh when no internet...
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    Facebook bot Detected

    I created a bot to create FB accounts... this bot everyday should be detected by FB. and the created accounts disabeld immediatly after submit the registeration data.. and i have everyday to change some thing in this shit bot like profile setting, typing, delay, make random touch/clicks.. then...
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    ZennoPoster Task Manager

    Hello, I'd like to know how to run Tasks regularly each x minutes "without waiting the other tasks to end".. (for the same project) in another words: I need to run the second task before the first one end. Greetings
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    Zennoposter Many Threads - PC Requirements

    Hello, My new PC is corei7-10, Ram 16Gb, win 10 64. But i can not run even 40 threads.. I want to run at least 500-1000 threads.. want the best requirements to do that.. what should i change in my pc? And what Bests VPS services and recommended Rams....? Bests