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    Hiring a reputable template maker for a simple platform

    PM me if you're interested and I'll get back to you with the details.
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    ZP4 Reg Exp Search in Russian

    ZP4 Projectmaker search function when in the reg exp window is in Russian, I cannot understand anything. Can you kindly switch it to English on the next update?
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    Looking for a professional, long term SEO template creator

    Looking for a serious coder who can create flexible templates for Zennoposter. Will be ordering a few and this will be a long term business relationship. PM me for more information. Email me - [email protected]
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    web20, pligg,digg,wp articles,blogs,wiki, profiles etc - add 5k links to your arsenal

    Added you on Skype for some template creation.
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    "Call Event" in Zennoposter - Please see

    Thank you so much, it's much clearer to me now. Why can't I click on the "notifications" and then letting the template record the action instead of doing it manually by calling the event?
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    "Call Event" in Zennoposter - Please see

    When and why should I use the "call event" option if I can just click when recording template? What use is the call event function when I right click during the recording process? I see clicks, submits, double clicks, etc, which can be done by just clicking\submitting during recording itself...