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    Projectmaker Keep crashing

    Hi, Projectmaker Keep crashing when I try to set up an "If" brick, or when template is running for first time on the brick "if". Had the same problem when trying to change some settings. have you faced this kind of problem already ?
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    Error : Failed to load some assemblies of the project.

    Hi all, Got this error message: Any idea how to solve this ? Thanks guys !
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    Шаблоны зеннопостер,автоматизация андроид приложений под заказ,так же обучение использование зеннопостер. телеграм @qzen4i, скайп areg77772

    I've worked with Areg ! He delivered an awesome work, far beyond expected, resolving problem i did not even think about. I highly recommand his services, he is an expert for sure ! Will work with him again !
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    Template to click at specific place in text area online

    Hi, I'd like to get someone to help me create a template that click in a specific place in a text area on an online text editor. > Identify sentences that are not finished with end point > Click at the the end of this unfinished sentence. > Click action button > Identify another sentence that...
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    Text Area - How to click at the end of a specific sentence ?

    Thank you very much for your explanation ! I start to understand. I'm trying to implement this in my template, and I suppose I need to change the variable in line 2: HtmlElement he = instance.ActiveTab.FindElementByAttribute("article", "class", "message-body", "text", 0); by something like...
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    Text Area - How to click at the end of a specific sentence ?

    HI BAZAg, and thank you for your answer. I'm trying to understand your C# code, but I can't :( I tried it, but It doens not click where I want. Can you please explain me your code, if you have time ?
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    Text Area - How to click at the end of a specific sentence ?

    Hi all, I'm working on a template using a online text area. I'm facing some issue on one action. I need to click at the end of a sentence on each article i'm working on. In the example below, I need to click and get the cursor where the red cross is. It's always the same thing on every...
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    How to C# CTRL + ENTER ?

    Hello, I need to emulate CTRL+ENTER, and I don't know how to do it ? I've seen we can do it in C#. Do you know how ? Thanks in advance :)
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    How to download CSV file ?

    Hi, Struggling in dowloading a csv file. Process is: I fill in information in a form, and then click on button "export" that generate a csv file and dowload it on my computer. How do we manage to dowload this file with ZP ? Thanks in advance :)
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    Nothing Happen when "Click Button"

    updated my ZP version, and now it's working like a charm !
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    Nothing Happen when "Click Button"

    Hi Lokiys ! Thanks for your answer. Problem is when clicking button, action does NOT give an error. It gives a success. That's why i don't understand where the problem can be.
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    Nothing Happen when "Click Button"

    Hi, I'm facing a weird issue. It should be an easy template but it's not :p Go to webpage 1, fill in blank from data in csv, then click on button "Next step" Go to webpage 2, fill in blank from data in csv, then click on button "Next step" Go to webpage 3, fill in blank from data in csv, then...
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    Problem copying directory

    Thanx lokiys ! Will try this :)
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    Problem copying directory

    Hello, I've always got problem on actions that seems the easiest. :) I want to copy a main directory (with all the subdirectories that are inside) to another place. Problem is: it properly copy the main directory but with only one sub directory inside. do you have any idea on how to...
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    How to replace Number by Text ?

    Hello, Noob question :) I have txt file with text. Inside this text I have some trash I would like to clean. I would like to replace some numbers there's in the txt file by a blank or some text. I've tried with a simple replace but it does not work. Do you guys have any idea ? Thanks :)
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    Drag and drop - Can't make it to work

    Hi all, Hope everybody is fine ! I have a problem, there's no way I can make work a simple drag and drop and it makes me crazy ! Here's a demo site : https://www.globalsqa.com/demo-site/draganddrop/#Photo%20Manager Trying to put a photo in trash, but nothing is working, nor the native...
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    How to use GET POST Requests ?

    Hello all ! I woul like to start using Get and Post requests in order to make my templates faster ! But I'm noob and I don't knox how it works. I'm working on a basic template to connect to my CPANEL admin, by entering my ID and password. Let me know if i'm wrong in my thinking process: As I...
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    Multithread & Duplicate Actions

    Hi Lokiys ! Thanks for your answer. Yes, I agree with you, but in that case, first thread will extract all txt files. The others others threads won't have anything to exract ? Am I wrong ?
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    Multithread & Duplicate Actions

    Hi all ! I'm testing a new template with multithread, and i'm not sure if it's ok. I want to extract all txt files from a directory in my computer and put them to a list in zenno. Monothread it's ok because all txt will be treated only one time. But what if I use multithread ? I mean if I...
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    How to install certificate in ZP?

    Hi All, I up this old topic as i just saw something new (?) on the browser settings. "Set Certificate" does it mean that we can use it now on Zenno? I've checked the wiki I don't see more information Is there any tutorial on how to set it up? (I don't know how to find the path of the...
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    SMSActivate Problem?

    Hi Guys! Is there some of you that is using SmsActivate succesfully? I tried on Yahoo for account creation, and on Facebook for account creation but the Id activation code is never valid. Maybe i Am doing something wrong... But is there any of you getting SMSactivate going well? Let me...
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    Conflict Zennoposter & Zennobox?

    Hi all, I use Zennoposter with one zenno account. I just installed and used Zennobox with a new zenno account. After using Zennobox, I tried to go back on Zennoposter to lauch some templates, but there was an error message saying that i need to activate it on userarea.Zennolab.com. Problem...
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    How to install certificate in ZP?

    Hello VladZ and thank you for your help :)
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    How to install certificate in ZP?

    Hi all! :-) Hope you can help me on this topic. Certificate has been installed on my computer, with internet explorer. (don't know why but this certificate can only be installed via V.8 or V.11) But when I launch ZP when it goes to the correct URL, I can't sign in because the certificate is...
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    How to select value in drop down menu?

    Works like a charm! Thank Rostonix :)
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    How to select value in drop down menu?

    Hi guys, Sorry if it's a noob question! I need to fill in form for several products category. Each products category can have only one value in the drop down menu. How can i select the correct value in the drop down menu related to a category of products? For example: Product...
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    Zenno License & dead PC

    Hi everyone! My pc is going to die, and i'm about to buy a new one. Question is do i have to buy a new license in order to use zenno on my new PC or is it possible to switch the license I already use on the new one? Thx for your help guys.
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    ZennoPro training - From newbie To Pro in Two weeks

    Hi Lokiys! I just added you in Skype, i'm very interested in your services. Please accept my invitation on Skype :) Regards
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    Upload Image by his Name

    Thx for your help Guys :)
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    Upload Image by his Name

    Good evening, When I was working on Demo version in succeed in upload image by his name. For example the name of the product i wanted to upload. This Name was given by a variable, who pick up in a table. Now that I have the full version, I can't remember how I have done that, I've tried a lot...
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    Demo Project not available with Full Version?

    Good Morning, I have downloaded the demo version, and worked on a project. I have just bought the full version, and I'd like to use the project i worked on with demo version. But ZP do not want to open it. Is there any way to use it again, or do i need to do it again? Thx for your help :)