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  1. lupo

    Новость Анонс ZennoPoster 8

    Super news!!! :-) I'll migrate all my projects directly from 5.x то 8.x :-) :-) :-) The 7.x update wasn't mine ... :-) :-) :-) GOOD LUCK!
  2. lupo

    Нужен постер в телеграмм. Есть решения?

    yes, I have working Telegram poster. It's a Telegram Aggregator actually - it reads from some Telegram groups and posts to an aggregated channel. If you need just a simple Telegram poster, no problems. If you are interested, send me a message. Я понимаю по руски. :)
  3. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    I have found the problem you have got This is because you execute the script directly, but it need few command line parameters. Please run it via the ZennoPoster or ProjectMaker project with the needed parameters as it's it in the project. :-)
  4. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    Yes, this is my TOR code project. Very strange error, I haven't met such. What Win version you use? I'll upload later today a updated version of the TOR project with the latest source. I'm using the TOR proxy servers in all of my projects and everything is working with no problems.
  5. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    Which code isn't working? My or the original from the first post?
  6. lupo

    Сontest Contest: Articles about ZennoPoster

    I just CAN'T wait especially for the bigcajones articles! After reading few articles from him some time ago about C# I know that I can learn a lot from his hacking knowledge.
  7. lupo

    Сontest Contest: Articles about ZennoPoster

    My writhing Russian is also not good ... this is a very good Idea! Thanks
  8. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    Unfortunately I don't keep the first version which I uploaded, and the file hosting have deleted it after 1 month. :( :-) I'm uploading the latest version of the TOR PROXY ROBOT, the code is rewritten, now you can easily just copy the tor subfolder in your project and It will be ready for use...
  9. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    я тоже! :)
  10. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    what is in the .vbs file association settings in your Win?
  11. lupo

    Переводчик в каждый ZennoPoster!

    ops ... Я опоздал :)
  12. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    Yes, there was a problem with the original tor project code IF somebody is using it with country list and if the TOR geoip file haven't been downloaded and installed already on the PC from some other software installation (from Tor or Vidalia setup). Needed some time yesterday to find out this...
  13. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    the file is here: TOR DOWNLOAD
  14. lupo

    TOR proxy (многопоточный)

    Большое спасибо автору этого проекта Tor - KirillOFF :az: I have made some modifications of the original code in order to use the TOR network in different projects and to get all the needed configuration data directly from a Project variables. Each Individual list of started TOR proxy servers...
  15. lupo

    Release ZennoPoster 5 New build (25 Aug 2014)

    Today downgraded to 5.3.1 after 2 days trying to "fix" my projects to work STABLE on ... On everything is working back OK and ProjectMaker isn't so laggy
  16. lupo

    Zenno Time Zones

    If you need a way to get the Time from some Tome Zones and use is as a Project Variable, then I have a solution - to use ZennoPoster with Linux. :-) I'm using different Time Zones in my projects using ZennoPoster + Linux "date" command. It's not a simple solution to use ZennoPoster + the POWER...
  17. lupo

    Release ZennoPoster 5 New build (11 Aug 2014)

    yes, you are absolutely right! :ar: I have paid for the update few days ago ... as many others probably O:) but the important thing here is that this project is valuable (changing lives) and it is a pleasure if I can help in any way :ax:
  18. lupo

    Release ZennoPoster 5 New build (11 Aug 2014)

    The question is when it will be released ... I'm asking that because there is NO way to downgrade :( ... I have to uninstall loosing all my Interface configuration / custom icons and etc ... :( and this is a Problem Do somebody know how to preserve the ProjectMaker / ZennoPoster configurations...
  19. lupo

    Release ZennoPoster 5 New build (11 Aug 2014)

    do anybody else have also so many ProjectMaker crashes after the upgrade to Today I upgraded, and had around 4-5 ProjectMaker crashes for just a few hours working on a old (made with template ...
  20. lupo

    Release ZennoPoster 5 New build (11 Aug 2014)

    I have very strange problem after the upgrade to the new version: on the old version the comparison of the value of a Variable {-Variable.Price-}=28.5 if statement: {-Variable.Price-}>28 was working OK before the upgrade, but now it works ONLY with quotes, this way: '{-Variable.Price-}'>28 I...
  21. lupo

    Release ZennoPoster 5 New build (11 Aug 2014)

    I can NOT wait more for the "ability to sell *exe bots without ZennoLab branding" !@! :-)
  22. lupo

    Lets discuss ZennoBox options

    I am a staunch supporter of Zenno and do not want to jump into the dark side of ubot! :cq: :aq: :cl: But YES! I do terribly need ZennoBox NOW!
  23. lupo

    ZennoPoster 5 New build (26 Apr 2014)

    I have send a sample Robot via email and Skype.
  24. lupo

    ZennoPoster 5 New build (26 Apr 2014)

    Hello, I'm afraid that the Cookies bug (when profile is saved and instance restarts) is NOT fixed :( I have few robots working on a site. After the upgrade to on 17.04 all robots making some searches on this site started giving the error: Bad Request - Request Too Long HTTP Error 400...
  25. lupo

    Math Captcha solving service

    Sorry for the stupid question but which of the .dll-s in Zenno have to use for Antigate.com services. Anti-Captcha.dll Anti-Bot.dll or ... ? :-) P.S. Found the answer here: http://zennopostera.blogspot.com/2012/05/zennoposter.html
  26. lupo

    Math Captcha solving service

    Hello, do somebody knows which of the captcha solving services in Zenno work with math captchas? The Math captcha is like this one:
  27. lupo

    Lets discuss ZennoBox options

    If you need beta testers for the new zennobox I'm online! :)
  28. lupo

    Your expiration day is reached ... ???

    Hello, today my running ZennoPoster Pro surprised me with this message: Your expiration day is reached Произошла ошибка при проверке оборудования: Неизвестная ошибка (I'm using RU version) After that it stopped working with some other License errors. All projects running for me and...
  29. lupo

    Lets discuss ZennoBox options

    Any update on this for 2014? ... especially about the branding remove ...
  30. lupo

    How to run a very simple C# code in ZennoPoster

    Hello, as many other ZennoPoster users I'm not a coder and I decided to start learning C# in order to use it in my templates ... Would somebody help me how to run my first C# lesson in ZennoPoster? using System; namespace HelloCSharp2 { class HelloCSharp2 { static void Main()...
  31. lupo

    Can One Zenno Project call another zenno project?

    Yes! You made my day! :beer: After adding System.Xml (version 4) GAC Reference everything is OK!!! I'm attaching both projects if some other C# newbie like me is interested doing the job.
  32. lupo

    Can One Zenno Project call another zenno project?

    Hello ZennoPoster Hackers & C# coders! I have one problem with the example posted from bigcajones. As I understand the example I need to have 2 sample projects, the first one have the {-Variable.rowCount-} and this ZennoPoster project is starting the second project with the name example1...
  33. lupo

    Which regular expression symbol for white spaces (all types)

    Good resource explaining very well the Regexp Magic :) you can find here: JavaScript RegExp Object and also the Zenno Wiki here but the first link is more detailed.
  34. lupo

    WebBrowser TabSettings Не нашли вкладку xyz в инстансе. Инстанс 1....:

    Hello, I'm using ZennoPoster version installed on win XP. In some of my templates, after 150-200 loadings of different web pages I receive such a error (I'm using Zenno in Russian): WebBrowser TabSettings Не нашли вкладку xyz в инстансе. Инстанс 1....: What I have done in...
  35. lupo

    Анонимность в Сети от профессионалов

    Hi, is the proxy service available for Zennoposter users ... :) :) :) I'm asking because I read this on your web site:
  36. lupo

    Code Creator

    +1 :beer: I started using Asterisk PBX software (it's a software like apache, but for VoIP) 10 years ago - long time Asterisk was software named as "best kept secret" in the phone industry ... :) Now everybody is using it and there aren't much easy money in the VoIP business left :)
  37. lupo


    NOT the only one ... ;) P.S. But I'm thankful that the we have some working scheduler now ....... I used v for 1 month before and with v4.0.5.0 I had to enter each schedule rule again and again after each ZP restart .... :)
  38. lupo

    Poster not working with - FFInstance has encounterd a problem ...

    Hi, after upgrade to Zenno Poster, all my templates stopped working with ZP -after starting some template I receive this error: FFInstance has encounterd a problem ... (check the attached images) The problem don't depend of the template, I have it in a very simple template...
  39. lupo

    replace with space is not working

    yes! working :beer: is there some place with more info about "tools" like {-String.Space-}
  40. lupo

    replace with space is not working

    I have to clean some text from   and replace it with space, the problem is that there isn't a "clean" ... way in ZP4 to do that ... ;) or there is but I can't find it If I use regex or text Replace when working with text (Обработка текста) the   is just deleted, but not replaced with...
  41. lupo

    What is the Usage of Panel Container.?

    ... :D
  42. lupo

    have to kill it in order to fix it

    I had some strange problem with Variables editor in ProjectMaker - using copy/paste I received 2 Variables with the same name in it, and after that it wasn't possible to close the Error message popup, I had to kill the ProjectMaker in order to fix it.
  43. lupo

    [WTB] Looking To Buy All Types Of Web 2.0 Templates

    ZP v3 or v4? :)
  44. lupo

    [SOLVED] "The Enigma Protector"

    I had the same issues with two different Micro XP Pro 0.98 installations (the XP iso is less than 200 MB ), on the same time I had no such problems on a standart XP installations, probably the problem is due to some missing win libs needed for The Enigma Protector software ...
  45. lupo

    New build (27.06.12)

    yes I'm ZP noob! :cool: and yes you are 100% right ZP 4 is just brilliantl!!!
  46. lupo

    New build (27.06.12)

    The new place of the "Конструктор действий" in "Запись действий" is much much better now in 4.0.5!:beer:
  47. lupo

    Version Triggering Virus Filters

    there is a positive virus allert with Avira also ... http://zennolab.com/discussion/showthread.php?5576-%D0%9D%D0%BE%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%B9-%D0%B1%D0%B8%D0%BB%D0%B4-4-0-3-0-%2821-06-12%29&p=31078&viewfull=1#post31078
  48. lupo

    Emulator is found on this machine?

    Something very strange happend today, I was working with ProjectMaker on one template in VirtualBox - the same what I have done most of the time during the last few weeks. I haven't used windows last few years and started again (on VirtualBox), because of ZennoPoster ... :cool: As I was working...
  49. lupo

    ZennoPoster ... WOW

    yes, you are 100% right! :)
  50. lupo

    ZennoPoster MP comingsoon.txt :)

    During the last week or two ... I have checked each day for ZennoPoster new updates, maybe like you? ... This morning I found something different, the was replaced with ... :rolleyes: At this moment the download link is linked with this file comingsoon.txt ...