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    What is the less resources usage browser option ?

    I need to optimize a project that plays multimedia audio. What is the best browser option about use less memory and cpu? Thanks
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    How to set fake document.href value?

    Thanks, how is the emulation dom? Additionally, I planned to: -download the js with http get. -intercept the xhr requests and trigger http get it's possible to intercept these traffic requests?
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    How to set fake document.href value?

    aha, but them you load all the page resources google.com has, (images, js, etc) and I want to avoid that, because I "only" need to execute a remote js that triggers multiple http requests, and these requests should have the fake referal Doing the request via the http Get module isn't an option
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    How to set fake document.href value?

    I want to run a js code without open browser. How can I set the page url, value location.href, via c# code or similar to avoid open the real site and the long time to load the site. Thanks
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    Pdf fill possible with zenno?

    Hello, I need to fill pdf forms recurrently, On a regular chrome browser, can do it manually, the question is: is possible to do it with zenno? because inside the pdf isn't html selectors some idea or suggestion? Thanks in advance
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    bot interface: how to change tab url after to click button

    I had 2 questions about interface bot: 1)how can update the url after click a button on the interface bot? 2)is possible to have the interface options on the same "window" than the browser or always is a pre-execution popup? my goal is to show a dropbox select, the user change the option and...
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    Facebook watch and canvas fingerprint with zp7

    these videos hasn't drm, I uploaded them and haven't any drm, are directly recorded in mp4 and uploaded to fb platform VladZen
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    Facebook watch and canvas fingerprint with zp7

    Thanks do you want some screensharing session or something from my side?
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    Facebook watch and canvas fingerprint with zp7

    Thanks, also fails with the old interface
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    Facebook watch and canvas fingerprint with zp7

    some idea about what could happen?
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    Facebook watch and canvas fingerprint with zp7

    are only some videos, who has geo restriction. I tried with the same proxies on a regular chrome and works Also, my user is allowed to watch this videos worldwide, I can watch it on regular chrome without proxy and works the only place where I can't place that videos is with zenno How can check...
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    Mouse click by coordenates

    VladZen awesome answers both works well
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    Facebook watch and canvas fingerprint with zp7

    what options should I to use? Thanks
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    Facebook watch and canvas fingerprint with zp7

    Chrome, everything checked and also auto generated settings Both cases happened the same: fb says can't play the video
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    [BUY] FB/watch bot

    Hello, I buy a fb watch videos bot. the url to test :https://www.facebook . com/LaLiga/videos/2698199840432338 I don't need to use proxies Thanks
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    Facebook watch and canvas fingerprint with zp7

    Hello, I'm having troubles usin zp7 on facebook watch with the original chrome.exe v 85 I can play the videos, but with zp7 chrome doen't works I compared both canvas fingerprint and except the screensize, the other params are equal Some idea where could be the issue? Thanks
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    Mouse click by coordenates

    I have the x,y coordinates of a element from the top of the screen with this command document.querySelector('.wgdt_banner').getBoundingClientRect() but when I use these coordinates, the click only works 15% of the times with +/- 100px far of the element How can I adjust to click exactly on the...
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    Bugs in version

    Can't regenerate profile fields, look this video as proof https://share.getcloudapp.com/E0uroWZj Also, when stop a project in projectMaker the app is freezed many times for around 5 minutes
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    What is better: zenno profiles vs chrome profiles?

    it's part of the question. zenno profiles also included cache and html5 storage?
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    What is better: zenno profiles vs chrome profiles?

    What is the best option to manage 2000 unique profiles nurtured and with few footprint? Use zenno profiles or run zenno with chrome instances calling the profile via arguments? Like this "Google Chrome" --args --profile-directory=Default Thanks
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    Youtube views bot

    Simple, youtube videos bot, editable code I will use residential proxies, so I will use 2 proxy address, one for the calls to ytimg.com requests and other ip for the rests Thanks
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    Problem to play some facebook videos

    I done it but continue the issue
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    Problem to play some facebook videos

    I'm having issues playing some facebook videos. They look everything is load, even the media files, but the play doesn't work I'm running chrome instance, also fail with firefox x64 What is the way to play all videos? Thanks
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    How can route to proxy by url?

    Thanks Merciless, How do that each sub-request call to this c# code?
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    How can route to proxy by url?

    How can route to a proxy A if url contains .mp4 or to proxy B for the rest? There's some way in zenno or with external tool? Thanks
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    Buy social accounts creators

    Thanks, but i'm looking creators more smart
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    Buy social accounts creators

    Hi, i want buy facebook and twitter accounts creator, that allow: -set my list of names and firstnames per gender -upload cover and avatar images in random from a folders -set bio from spin texts Thanks
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    How set cookie or custom header in get page

    Many Thanks,
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    how use content from http GET request?

    Hi, how can "use" the content retrieve using action http GET? Use mean "show" or "run" the html code into an active tab Thanks
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    How set cookie or custom header in get page

    Hello, how i can set a cookie or custom header on get page function? Thanks
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    how get thread id

    Hello, how can get the thread number on execution ? Thanks
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    Facebook insights scraper

    Hello, i need get the data of this graphs https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience_insights/people?act=10205341634756339&age=18-&country=ES&interests=6003118770416 on the example: woman 32% men 68% woman 18-24 years: 28% men 18-24 year: 27% ... etc
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    Zvelo scraper

    Hello, i need a template for scrape from zvelo.com from a list of domains. I tryied, but had problem when show the "loading..." message and don't get found the way to wait until the message change. Thanks
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    How get element into another element?

    Hi, i need get all "a hrefs" into a div. in css selector i will do this: div#id a.classname How can do it with zennoposter? Thanks
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    Need templates to create social accounts and configure Wordpress plugin

    Can also add tuenti.com ? Thanks
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    Looking for youtube video downloader

    Hi, somebody has a youtube videos downloader template? Thanks
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    Google play reviews

    I know that are some people that do reviews for google play apps without download it. their do thousands of reviews with a low cost, this mean that are using bots. Somebody has a template for do the same with zp? Thanks
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    Google+ template

    Hello, i want buy a template for google+ account creator and login I have infinite proxies from same country. Actually, my unique issue is the select of birthdate Some has a template or want devel it? Thanks
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    Template not work when connection is 3G modem

    Yes, it happen on same machine, i added you to my skype
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    Template not work when connection is 3G modem

    Hi, i have a template that work fine when connection is wifi or lan, but when connect via 3g-gsm modem (300 kbs speed), but the last step on template, that is click on a span that submit a form from ajax fail, show a blank page. If i do al steps in firefox and chrome using 3g-gsm connection...
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    Can zennoposter connect and disconnect my vpn

    Hi, how can i program a zennoposter project to connect a vpn at the become of a project? thanks