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  1. Stereomike

    About bugs

    @Nuaru You make a point there, obviously I (and others) weren't loud enough when some develoments became strange. I should have posted more here instead on closed groups. But I did support feature requests and complaints with my 'thanks' button. I know that, cause we talk to each other, and...
  2. Stereomike

    About bugs

    I said it in the past, and I say it again (goes along the lines of Mike Anthony's post): The problem is not the software, the problem is communications. Have you seen the thanks of that first post? How often are posts liked that much? How many of your 1000 customers are active on the forum...
  3. Stereomike

    Deleting if files when list / table is empty

    A checkbox for that would be good. I personally used the feature of deleting files to my advantage. My templates check at first if e.g. a list of urls file exists, if not, the bot can assume, the work is done and will idle. Or if it is stuff like a proxy list that has to be looped, I pull line...
  4. Stereomike

    Save Proxies, WTF?

    WTF, booting the PC and getting this thread slapped in the face is a bad morning. Zennoteam is constantly decreasing the points that may make me switch to v4. I think the big picture behind v4 is dumbing down the software so it becomes more noob-friendly and thus approachable for a bigger...
  5. Stereomike

    Tumblr Article and Video Posting V4

    This is a great template. Drvosjeca knows his stuff inside out, so if there are folks outhere, that want to get quickly into tumblr instead of investing days of sweat to pull this off, take this offer. With tumblr you can build up really high PR sites with social background (people following...
  6. Stereomike

    ZennoPoster MP new build released (30.07.2012)

    I get desperate over v4. I hope v3 will work as long as possible, switching to v4 is not an option to me yet. Feels like somebody broke my favorite toy.
  7. Stereomike

    CapMonster Tutorial

    what's really bad about crapmonster, is that it's flawed. Anyone tried twitter mobile captchas? They have lines stroking the letters, crapmonster can't deal with it. support said somewhere here, it's only a minor bug that they are aware of, but they never released a fix (though i think they...
  8. Stereomike

    how to get the http status code on zp 4?

    thanks. will use phpscript until v4 is mature then.
  9. Stereomike

    how to get the http status code on zp 4?

    is there a way for v3 aswell?
  10. Stereomike

    Projectmaker /Instance crashes

    A simple wordpress submitting template will crash every instance and projectmaker on logging into the site. It has probably to do with my site (otherwise everybody and his grandma would complain till now), but I think simply fainting is a bit too dramatic for my taste (for such a simple task as...
  11. Stereomike

    google suggestions craper

    I find their site a bit messy, after a bit of surfing I still can't say, what it is able to achieve...
  12. Stereomike

    Path to cookies and cache

    ok, that really helped me alot. I was afraid someone installed a backdoor useraccount or something, but it seems it belongs to zenno. Knowing that now for sure, I have to emphasize the neccessity of a VM for Zennoposter. My system got infected over the last weekend (ransomware, the trojan...
  13. Stereomike

    Path to cookies and cache

    Do you have something like admin-sama on your PC? I saw that we have a user "admin-sama" on this forum. I wondered if Zenno depends on admin-sama or if my machine got hacked.
  14. Stereomike

    [BIG TIMESAVER!!!] Speed Up The Debug Process

    by far the biggest time waste in ZP is debugging. While debugging you see, that they have maybe 4 variants of a button - now imagine this is taking place after account creation, email-verification etc, so you will have to do it step by step for each (or most) of the random variants... I lost...
  15. Stereomike

    Path to cookies and cache

    Gawd... 12 views and nobody could just click on his settings and verify the path?
  16. Stereomike

    Path to cookies and cache

    Can anyone just confirm? I don't know what that admin-sama is. I need to know if it's from Zenno.
  17. Stereomike


    Damn! Bulldozer, that ieframe thing is exactly whyI want to know when we will either get a fix or v4. mobile twitter captcha fix has been promised 800 years ago aswell...
  18. Stereomike

    Path to cookies and cache

    Hey, would be great, if one of you could have a quick look, if the path to cookies and cache (settings) is something like c:\Users\admin-sama\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies Thanks!
  19. Stereomike

    creating a config file. how to read and use the info

    make kinda source folder, store the untouched file there (1 line for 1 template) let every instance grab line 0 (and del that line) now every instance does something different if the file is empty, copy it from source folder back into your working folder. I add some failsafes, cause with 50...
  20. Stereomike

    Zennoposter is breaking my html - please help

    I guess it was more a problem of coding structure/ errors/typos. Not much sense in telling the world that you forgot a ; or escaped a string in a wrong manner. Though I think there are problems that everyone could have, like getting into logical branch, understanding basic javascript, loops etc...
  21. Stereomike

    CSV Files?

    You can sort,filter dupe remove etc your csv with this commandline tool: http://csvfix.byethost5.com/csvfix.htm I let ZP create .bat files for it on the fly, e.g. I have ~200 different csvfiles, I create a dedicated batch file for each, execute it (own program branch) and delete the .bat afterwards.
  22. Stereomike

    Database Use Options

    Just an idea: I'd deconstruct and rebuild the file on runtime. E.g it has 5 textblocks, then first have a delimter between text blocks e.g. (()), then given you want to alter block 2; store blocks 0-1; block 2, blocks 3-end. Edit block 2, then write all back to file; blocks 0-1+block 2+block 3-end
  23. Stereomike

    Take specific REGEX MATCHES

    Can't you throw the whole regexp result (-alll-) into a js array and process it there?
  24. Stereomike

    zenno opens internet explorer

    From an old bran van 3000 song :)
  25. Stereomike

    string.replace on multiple words within a block of text ???

    I use a several macros to achieve this. One feeds into the next. This shouldn't be a showstopper, it just amkes your template a bit bigger. it works even if one of the steps has nothing to replace, so it won't break if you don't use every variable in everey text.
  26. Stereomike

    zenno opens internet explorer

    Will the russian and english version come out at the same time?
  27. Stereomike

    Delete a line from a textfile

    Right now the easiest method would be your suggested steps. ZP can't access txt files like a database, so even if you found your string via regexp, you don't know the line and thus can't delete it right away. I started moving my bigger projects to a more database driven approach. I save data...
  28. Stereomike

    Parsing multiple match in a row (separate by a coma)

    You don't need to write it to a file, just use -count of strings- on your regexp. It's only one medium complex macro then. Edit: Just tried, it's like that...
  29. Stereomike

    zenno opens internet explorer

    But this doesn't prevent loosing window focus. Will this be solved in ZP4? I have ie popping up all the time during scraping. yes, iekiller would work, but I need ie open for other stuff. A fix of ZP would be better...
  30. Stereomike

    Database Use Options

    if you use the regexp builder on these, you will have to care for the carriage return/line feed (was that the right word? you know: enter-key). I use textfiles like this: <seotextcars> Some optimized and googelfriendly text for cars. </seotextcars> <seotexthouses> Some optimized and...
  31. Stereomike

    Remove duplicates from file tool

    Nice one, I use csvfix to get dupe removal done. It can do all sorts of stuff besides dupe remove, but you have to a read a little to get into the commandline structure. It does all kinds of magic to your csv files (sorting, filtering, removing by value etc etc)
  32. Stereomike

    Date broken

    btw if anybody has the same problem, this is the solut- no - workaround: {-JS.Execute-|-var textdate="";var d=new Date();textdate=[d.getMonth()+1]+"/"+[d.getDate()]+"/"+[d.getFullYear()];-}
  33. Stereomike

    Date broken

    {-String.Split-|-{-TimeNow.Date-}-|- -|-0-} Date command (I stripped the time) in macro editor gets me this: Execution result: 10/23/2011 In project maker debug and ZP it gives me this: 23.10.2011 Probably because of language settings. Please fix it. Or add {-TimeNow.DayDate-} to...
  34. Stereomike

    Problem to parse Google.

    @alf looks like the minus '-' is the problem. Since it appears in every step of your template {-blabla-|-booboo-} ZP gets easily broken if a string has a leading minus sign. Try to scrape in a way, that the result has not a minus as first letter. or try to rearrange it while scraping or add...
  35. Stereomike

    How to post reply on twitter

    btw you have to put some serious efforts into your messages aswell. My bot lies around dormant, cause I weren't able to make sales with it (1 cb sale after 25000 tweets). You really have to know what landing pages work for which group of people etc. I'm not good at that. If ZP gets template...
  36. Stereomike

    How to post reply on twitter

    Don't use normal twitter, use mobile.twitter.com much easier to work with. Of course you could do it like you suggest. As I said, I just can tell you, how I did it, and I put some weeks into it and it came out pretty awesome. Think about it: Using a singned-in account for searches will wear it...
  37. Stereomike

    How to post reply on twitter

    But twitter is a difficult beast, you will encounter all kinds of anti-bot stuff, it's not the easiest thing to begin with.
  38. Stereomike

    How to post reply on twitter

    I can only say how I did it, there might be other solutions. I divide the process into 2 templates. The first one gets the names to reply to, the second one posts to them. So you do your search and then scrape (regexp) the usernames. You save them to a file. But before saving you make sure the...
  39. Stereomike

    How to post reply on twitter

    Yeah ZP can do that. I built something like Keyword Nitro on steroids. Thing is, you really have to plan the whole system, which temp files you will need, which data etc. I don't know how others are doing stuff, but my templates always end up being awesome. So maybe others might say a twitter...
  40. Stereomike

    HTML element isn´t found, according to the search criteria

    Many thanks, you did a great job explaining it. Especially the group concept was fully new to me. Thanks again!
  41. Stereomike

    E-mail Processing Problems Solved - Email Master 2.0 Multiple POP3 Email Account DL'r

    No, wrong. It's there to access the subdirectories of c:\...\messages\...
  42. Stereomike

    E-mail Processing Problems Solved - Email Master 2.0 Multiple POP3 Email Account DL'r

    Maybe this one? Dunno, but the directory.subitem is machine/installation specific, right? Just had a look at the xml and this was the only line that could access a custom folder I guess (or you changed some of the other pathes). <Branch ID="=1=2=4=1=8=5=4=9=7=3=531" Action="Get" Type="Macros"...
  43. Stereomike

    HTML element isn´t found, according to the search criteria

    @Clint: 'all' doesn't seem to work ('wrong input format'). I managed to do it by applying your regexp example from that first post (unique searchterm + .* for anything that messes it up with random stuff). But I seem to not fully grasp the concept of search criteria for html elements. See that...
  44. Stereomike

    HTML element isn´t found, according to the search criteria

    @Clint: you add several lines with that + button, what do you do about that last row 'match#' ? If I put there a number, it would only take that one item. How do I tell zenno, to take all of that kind (-1 didn't work). Eg. I have 10 links with innertext 'more' 10 links with outerhtml...
  45. Stereomike

    Great Email Providers for Zenno

    @Bucker I'm happy I was able to light at least one bulb :) I can really do evil things to twitter. I have made such a bad-ass bot (I marvel at my own creation), but I fail miserably at monetizing it. I know ppl see my tweets (they even answer etc), but they hardly buy anything over at twitter...
  46. Stereomike

    Link click errors, how do I make them universal?

    You will encounter all kinds of errors (proxy, too many connections, unforeseen website reaction when you trigger their bot detection, internet hickups, low bandwith/slow loading on any end of the net). You should better think now of ways to deal with it :) because once your favorite template is...
  47. Stereomike

    Link click errors, how do I make them universal?

    When i go for something better than just addding unspecific pauses, i insert a loop which searches for the element and if it can't find it, it waits a bit. I'll let it loop e.g. 3 times. If it fails after 3 tries i assume it wont't get better and i direct the template to an unusccessful end...
  48. Stereomike

    [GET FREE] Facebook accounts creator

    That 46elks looks interesting, has anyone figured out how to put it to use?
  49. Stereomike

    Default branch/action names

    Hi, I guess this is very easy to implement, but will make debugging/reading temlates better: 1. Please give new branches names, that give a clue about their function, e.g. instead of make it or 2. Make it so, that everytime you change the id of a branch, ZP looks if the comment is empty...
  50. Stereomike

    Twitter Posting

    Follow/unfollow is easily done with tweetattacks lite (free): You could do it with ZP (have done it) but its easier with a available app. Use ZP for tasks that are otherwise difficult to achieve.