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    How can I run ZennoPoster on Linux (ubuntu)

    Hello there, I wasn't here for a while, I see lot has changed. I wonder can we use zenno on the linux nowdays?
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    [SOLVED] ZP threads not starting

    I actually don't have a patience to read this, but I'm backing up Indulis(lokiys)! Whatever Antont said its wrong!
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    **Please Help** Experiencing Timeout Errors

    The'll tell you its solved!
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    **Please Help** Experiencing Timeout Errors

    Only thing I can suggest its pray to the all mighty God if you are believer, I notice one thing and that's, if you are not believer you will soon become one specially if you are heavy ZennoPoster user!
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    New build (17.01.2013)

    One more thing, you guys encourage us to give a thanks for new features and based on the amount of thanks you decide whether or not you going to implement it, I just wonder who voted for "[+] New commands for Windows automation", other then you try to chaise what Ubot has. One little thing...
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    Is it just me that thinks this?

    I don't know what to say really, its the question of how zenolab making its business, I don't understand any of the movies they do, for me it doesn't seams really logical, but I guess its back to ethic. Maybe this is super cool to them in Russia so they look at us like we are retards to complain...
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    Official Video Tutorials

    I'm looking forward for more Advanced Level tutorials, thanks for this c# thingy you show us, I actually find it very usifull since I find what I was doing wrong. Anyway you did grate job in this batch, hope the basic things like how to rename list its done!
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    Bulk Email Processing

    It would be so cool if we as users could kick someone out from the community...Like voting or something, I know someone who I would gladly give my vote!
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    Will save hours

    I'm not really sure how much time you will save, but you have ability to do what you asking for in all variables (F2), only problem is When you use Alt+F4 to close it, it never open again (its Bug) you need to restart the Project Maker. Anyway, its super fast, have a look...
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    New build (07.12.2012)

    Thanks DarkDiver, speically thanks to help me with my frustration not been able to place action if anywhere!! Also Option to show instances for a single project HUGE HELP!!! Small update but I would say best in a long time!
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    Avoid malware, rootkit's etc with Browser settings?

    you should test the url's before you post you can as well make this inbuilt into your bots, but better solution its just mass test them on phishing and malware, and have clean lists.
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    [SOLVED] Regex builder bug

    So is this [SOLVED] then, or not?
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    How Can I use Input Settings In Project Maker.?

    How can I load InputSettings text to the table. At the moment I'm pulling the information from .txt file witch need to be generated by the user ever time, so I wonder to give ability to do so with InputSettings!
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    Can I pass variable value to Input Settings?

    Yea I know about that, I wonder is it possible other way around since I would be able to use it in so much more ways.
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    Can I pass variable value to Input Settings?

    Possible?, since I try and I can't find the way!
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    [SOLVED] Trouble With Table - Posible bug

    You realize the preview its wrong, that's obviously bug no matter it dose pull the data correctly. I also figure out why it was failing for me, because I was pulling 3 columns and there was only 2 on the second and third and forth line, in the first line was 3 columns, so when loop through after...
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    [SOLVED]  Trouble With Table - Posible bug

    Sample inside. After I define my own line separator only first two work, and that's it, it doesn't want to load any more (Update Path to the somefile.txt in Table1)
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    ★ GMAIL & YouTube phone verified accounts creator [from Hungry Bulldozer & rostonix]

    When we can expect new update since the bots its pretty much dead!
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    Reset Instance Branche

    @DJ, Kepperbes by now you shuld realize one thing! You doing it wrong! They created ZP so they know how we should use it!
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    Reset Instance Branche

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    [SOLVED] POPUP BLANK when it should not be

    Is this mean, next update its next week? Can you please stop adding new features, please.
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    [Bug] Frozen Address Bar

    So you're saying this is not bug, but you meant to do it like this?
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    [SOLVED] [BUG] Project Maker Gui - Mind Map

    All this time I was thinking its bug, how much frustration I had trying and failing to move the logic IF to the middle of the group, and then losing time and patience by messing around to place it there. This thing affect my time considerably + it affect concept of my templates. I just have a...
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    [SOLVED]  [BUG] Project Maker Gui - Mind Map

    This started to become very very very very annoying, and its always related to logic "if" step, basically I need to do a lot of combination to try to join logic in the middle of the steps, eventually I do it but last time it took me 3 min of combinations. http://screencast.com/t/sL8biud4a2Z...
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    [Bug] Frozen Address Bar

    Facebook problem, I tried other but it seas others works! http://screencast.com/t/A7DbggyzS7w I'm using latest 4.3.5
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    New build (27.11.2012)

    Thanks guys, can anyone tell us about status of "Edit While debug" now when 4.3.5 its out?
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    [SOLVED] KeyStroke Emulation Bug

    to suport
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    Awesome Feature for ZennoPoster MP

    There is already easy was to do something like that, lokiys mention one. But something we all would benefit its to call one bot from another, from what I hear its planned(hopefully).
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    Amazing New Time Saver - Wait for element to show then execute specific action

    I was working with flash last night and I needed to click on specific element after flesh load's it I took me some time to create the loop with pauses to make my idea work then I realize this would be grate new addition to zenno native feature, not only if this would work with picture...
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    ★ GMAIL & YouTube phone verified accounts creator [from Hungry Bulldozer & rostonix]

    I gotta say I got pretty surprised to deal with HB(positively), I got his template first and as well I got order of 1000 gmails from the start(client), I had some issues at the beginning with the template and little slow support(dealing with rostonix) witch basically kill any chance to deliver...
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    Gmail + Youtube Phone Verfied Account Creator [Updated Version]

    I had opportunity to use this template and I gotta say its pretty sold, communication and support its via Skype and Jagmag doing awesome job, grate guy and grate bot master. I also had opportunity to test HB's template as well, and they are pretty similar, although from my testings Jagmag's...
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    Sending Only Img to recognition

    Anyway, I'm working on some project and I need to send captcha img to recognition, only difference is I don't want to captcha module go and get it for me and then send it to the specific provider. How to do this?
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    whaaat....I though some guy thanking rostonix for doing such a grate job, and its actually a guy who doesn't know to make thread title muhaha. Anyway, rostonix is doing superb job as support give him a raise!
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    Media Wiki [Limited Edition]

    Did you make it work with other then English sites? Note for others, I stop using this pile of junk long time ago mostly of two reason, a) its slow b) terrible TERRIBLE success rate (it works only if text its on English, go figure), I wish people here start thinking or learn how to use Zenno...
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    Counter stop

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    Counter stop

    Zenno Team should create some kind point system, when user post stupid thread it cost him/her -10 points of total 100 after 10 stupid question his/her licence get taken away!
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    how to take screenshots?

    According to Dexter its 6 mile in open Sea!
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    Mass Edit Templates

    I was doing mass edit template in V3 pretty easy since of the .xml, but now since you switch to .xmlz I'm not able to do this anymore. Is there any other way to do this, since I need hell lot of templates to edit.
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    [SOLVED]  Table:Index was outside the bounds of array

    When the name of the file is variable, I'm getting error "Index was outside the bounds of array" and template and that's the end. Only way to get over this is by using old macro,
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    About bugs

    Also I made grate pizza today, low carb/high protein! It was grate. If anyone know's some easy to made dish, let me know!
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    About bugs

    Btw I think you guys pushing to hard, I agree there is bugs and stuff, but if I'm new guy I would though this program its not useful at all since its full of bugs. I don't agree, obviously there is a communication problem I first would want to get all the answers about the new features and all...
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    About bugs

    Is this real life?
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    [BIG TIMESAVER!!!] Speed Up The Debug Process

    no no go away, "Kepperbes and co" are hated by dev team whatever you say it will be used against all of us, meaning we'll not get it...EVER!
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    About bugs

    Basically what I want to know when we'll get ability to edit the template while debugging it, a feature we all want and its promised to us couple month ago! here
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    [BIG TIMESAVER!!!] Speed Up The Debug Process

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    Double click Template (.xmlz) file to open in PM

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    [BIG TIMESAVER!!!] Speed Up The Debug Process

    Can you guys update us about this feature, there is army of us waiting to get this!
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    ZenBLOG - automatic blogs creator/poster many platforms

    I bought it yesterday, from the moment I bought it support was implacable, after activation I start using all the function inside, I'm mainly interested into web 2.0 because they maintain the bots, but other bots are quite useful as well. Making link wheels with web 2.0 its very easy, I mainly...
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    ZenBLOG - automatic blogs creator/poster many platforms

    Well, I gotta I say this is first useful template someone selling here other then zenomer the rest is child play we all can make in 3h or so, anyway I'll give it a go and I'll leave review after few days! I'm looking forward to more powerful template selling here because I will certainly buy them!
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    ZennoBox discussion

    And all I need its back command while debugging!