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    Variables Window Disappeared

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    Carrierproxy Mobile proxy Belarus, Germany, Latvia, Thailand, Brazil

    Any discount? :D
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    Can I use an existing profile?

    Create a project (ProjectMaker) where you will use the following options 1. Create variables for login/other data https://zennolab.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EN/pages/924484177/Project+variables 2. If you use data in a specific format, use...
  4. ElonMusk

    Can I use an existing profile?

    No, but if other software has the option to export cookies (JSON, NetScape) files and login data, saved variables (example: txt file) you can use this data to login accounts/create profiles in ZennoPoster.
  5. ElonMusk

    After deleting the first line, record in the last line.

    If it's a txt file. Taking the first line you have it in a variable. Use the "Write to file" option to save to the same file.
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    LEETSOX.COM - High quality, fast and stable proxies at low prices

    Sounds good. Can I get discount code?
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    https://zennolab.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EN/pages/924581921/ZennoPoster https://zennolab.com/wiki
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    can,t upload the video file, how to Solve the problem

    Use tag: button
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    Mobile App Xpath Helper (МАХpath Helper)

    I recently purchased this tool. I am a beginner in mobile apps automation, but this tool makes work easier and allows me to match elements without errors in the code.