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    Hello my friends

    Sorry it's been a few years. Life happens. Got remarried to a much younger woman, hence my lack of activity on the forum. Glad to be back. Had to kick the rust off working with the new version. Looking awesome so far. Anyways, thanks Dark Diver and Nauru for inviting me to be a part of this...
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    WTF Is Up With All The Spam Posts?

    You guys really need to protect the forum better. I'm seeing more and more spam posts. How about if only clients get to post. I know this hurts the new members that are trying the demo version, but we don't need the forum cluttered up with this spam. Do something about it please
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    Lets discuss ZennoBox options

    Yup! Maybe.
  4. bigcajones

    Input Settings Import/Export

    I'm building some templates with tons of multiselect dropdowns. I'm trying to create the input settings through xml. I exported an input setting from one template to see how the settings were built. Tryed importing to another template but it gave an error.
  5. bigcajones

    Input Settings Import/Export

    Am I missing something. I tried exporting the input settings from one template to another and I get an error. I want to create the xml file without using the editor.
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    Contact form template

    I built one for a client. What I did was get a huge list of urls that had contact forms on them. I saved the html from the contact forms (different types) into one big text file. Then it is a matter of going through the html and finding the name= or id= or any element that makes it unique to the...
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    [BETA] Instagram Automation Panel - Instaswoop

    I'm your Huckleberry!
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    XPath универсальный C# шаг работы с элементами

    When I try your template it tells me 'no reference to CommonCode'. Maybe because I'm using 5.7.1 version?
  9. bigcajones

    XPath универсальный C# шаг работы с элементами

    and where is the library for CommonCode?
  10. bigcajones

    GET Request get's - activate javascript to view this site.

    what page are you looking at?
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    Сontest Contest: Articles about ZennoPoster

    Count me in. Will submit article to mods this week.
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    Глобальные настройки для всех проектов

    How about like it was in version 3 where we could input global variables before running templates? Can that be built back into the poster?
  13. bigcajones

    Advice on Post action

    Ok Shabby, Here is what I have found doing GET and POST requests on wordpress. Set the redirect to 1 on all your requests. Cookies that you need to login are in a redirect so you need to stop redirect so you can regex out cookie strings. Just fyi.
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    Замена кода специальных символов HTML на обычные "текстовые"

    string y = project.Variables ["jobDescription"]. Value; string result = System.Net.WebUtility.HtmlDecode (y); return result; [/ CODE]
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    Interaction between ZP and Winautomation

    Here's Bluestacks template for you to look at morpheus. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gftvu8ar17u0rob/BlueStacks.xmlz?dl=0