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You can set up ZennoProxyChecker on home computer or on a powerful server. ZennoProxyChecker will be able to use maximum of their resources.


You can use the power of ZennoProxyChecker for non-stop checking process of huge lists or you can set how many alive proxies do you need at a time and save a lot of resources for your other tasks.


You do not need to buy any public proxy lists anymore. You can check hundreds of thousands proxies daily for yourself!

App box

New software version: ZennoProxyChecker 3

logo New version is available! We have redesigned interface, enhanced operation stability, improved proxy checking precision and added new features. Read more about it on our forum.

Stay anonymous!

spy If you do not have paranoia, that does not mean that big brother is not watching you. Working on the Internet, it is often necessary to remain anonymous and to make actions using proxies.

Rapid integration

quick integration ZennoProxyChecker integrates into your workflow immediately! It can save proxy lists to files at specified intervals, or you can get proxies via http-request.

Easy setup

simple configuration You are surely tired of understanding complex specific programs and scripts with heap settings. You will understand ZennoProxyChecker in a few minutes after viewing small video tutorial!


new ZennoProxyChecker – is a universal tool has been tested successfully by our clients in an innovative program ZennoPoster. Now ZennoProxyChecker became available as a separate product!